Two of Wands

Upright Well Dignified: The Two of Wands is usually about internal conflict and what you cans do about it. There is a fork in the road, showing you two possible solutions as to how to deal with this conflict, so which one will you take? The Rider-Waite/Smith inspired decks show a single figure holding a globe in his hands, showing us that his world is clearly defined, yet he’s unable to decide where to go from here. Considering the globe further, literally showing someone “holding the world in their hands” is a sign of an initial achievement that might seem a lot bigger than it really is.

So what is it that needs to happen? The options are right in front of you, but it might be a little more difficult to see the full effects of any decision, so it’s time to rely on your own values, as opposed to the values of others around you. You’ll note that most of the time on cards with more complex pictures (as opposed to simply two wands), there is a single figure looking out. The choice you make is yours and yours alone. Don’t let others try to make it for you, as this will set you on a path that you’ll find yourself abandoning without getting anywhere interesting. At it’s core, this card is about choices and responsibility for those choices. Recognising what might be a possibility and what is simply a fantasy is called for before choosing a path.

IF there is the possibility of conflict hinted at by other cards, you’re being told to be honest and steadfast in your choices, as backpedalling won’t get you anywhere useful. Even if the choice you’ve made is the wrong one, there’s still the possibility of walking the wrong path with dignity.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The Two of Wands reversed can definitely be a sign that the options that you’re seeing might not be the only ones. For every two options that you see happening, there are a lot of issues that you’re either misattributing as ineffectual or outright ignoring what’s right in front of your face. I probably don’t need to say this, but here it is anyway: Look harder. There is a world of things to consider that you’ve probably discounted that you really need to look at again. While you’ve possibly found the path that you want to take, it might not be the best path by a long shot, especially if it’s a choice that you’ve made out of  convenience rather than other options that might involve a little conflict, but will provide better results. Don’t let laziness get the better of you in regards to where you need to go.

There’s also the possibility that you know what the choice is but you’re resisting it. There’s a number of reasons that you might feel the need to hold off making this decision, but ultimately, you know that it needs to be made. It’s time to look at why you’re choosing to put off what you know needs to be done. Is it fear? Misplaced hope? Whatever the reasons, you know that you’re putting off the inevitable and that if you don’t act soon, you’re going to miss out on something wonderful.



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