Two of Swords

Upright/Well dignified: This is a card about being centred where you are. There might be ill emotions around you, but they aren’t really touching you, as emotionally and mentally, you are exactly where you need to be. The Rider-Waite Smith version shows a woman blindfolded and seated with a sword in each hand. The woman isn’t bothered about where she is as her intuition is telling her all that she needs to know. Trusting your gut is a strong message here, as is finding what calms you. There might be things that are coming that might throw you off kilter if you allow them to. Finding your peace could be very well be what stops you completely, for lack of a better phrase, losing your shit.

Then again, there could also be a mentions of the fact that this woman is completely alone here. She’s blindfolded and seated on the chair, but there seems to be nothing that she needs to be protected from, so why the protective stance? While she has the blades, if you’re unable to recognise that there’s nothing there, then you’re protecting yourself against nothing and as a result, you’re not letting in the people that could help you the most. Occasionally it’s okay to put down the swords and take off the blindfold to see what the hell’s going on. Trust, whether you choose to allow it to be seen or not is being emphasised in this card, so it’s good to see people for who they really are, rather than notions of who they might be.

Reversed/Ill dignified: There are a lot of reasons why you might want to trust someone. Here, with the two of swords being reversed, there is only one reason why you shouldn’t. The reason is that you will be betrayed so fast that you’ll barely have time to register the first knife in your back before the second and third are inserted. Some folks will seem too trustworthy and here, they probably are. This isn’t a good time to put your faith in people on the line to prove a point either. If you do, that point will probably be inserted into your spine.

This could also be a warning that taking action is what’s necessary here, not sitting around and trying to ignore what’s going on around you. There are things that need to be done and sticking your head in the dirt does nothing except make your butt an easier target for those that would kick it for shirking your responsibilities. Whether it’s apathy or just indecision, things need to be done, so when this card comes up reversed, it might be time to BLOODY WELL DO THEM!  Even if you have no idea what it is that you’re meant to be doing, acting at all is going to achieve more than ignoring the world. When things are set into motion, they often become a lot clearer. When you set yourself in motion, this is doubly so.

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    Thank you! The reversed explanation gave me clarity on an issue.

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