Two of Disks/Pentacles

Upright/Well Dignified: This is, however you choose to look at it, a card about change. As one thing changes, so will everything else to accommodate it. That’s just the way of the world. Being a Disks card, the emphasis here is likely to be on your surroundings. Things might be predictable as they are, but if one thing is changed and moved out of it’s normal place, other things will fall into different patterns as well. Thankfully, when appearing upright, this card is talking about a positive change in your immediate world. This is more than a simple change in scenery. This can often talk about creating new processes for yourself to do things or to focus on a new or simply different aspect of something. Routines are good, but they can be cumbersome if they bind you. Changing a small thing in a routine can make some large results, especially if you are using this small thing as a trigger for other changes that you want to make.

As change is the main thrust of this card, there is also the need for attention to be paid to the potential of what change can do. Being a two, there is a duality here. The ‘Is’ and the ‘Is Not’ for want of a better phrase. When these two combine, they create the ‘What Might Be,’ the world of possibilities and probabilities. As this is a positive card, knowing that a change in your immediate world is occurring means that you can utilise this change to ensure that it occurs in a way that will make things better, whether this change is occurring in your home life, workplace or in the social settings that you find, or place yourself in.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: There’s an old saying that a change “is as good as a holiday.” Not all changes. This may be one of the situations where thee change coming is going to feel less like a holiday and more like a stay in a prison. The prison analogy works well as it is a situation where things aren’t exactly known for changing for the better. The most common reason for this is because the balance that comes with change has been thrown out by something. Self sabotage is a common theme when this card is reversed as the desire for new experiences could be tainted by low self esteem or unrealistic expectations. When this card is reversed, it’s good to talk to people outside of your situation, as with their viewpoints, the danger of your hangups getting in the way is lessened mightily.

Change in an aspect of your life might be necessary, but you could be determined to keep things just the way they are Thank You Very Much! The desire to stay with the familiar might ruin what has the possibility to a life changing experience. With this card reversed, the reason for resisting change isn’t out of comfort with your current situation, but out of fear. In a nutshell, you might be screwing yourself out of something amazing because the future won’t be what you’re used to. This sounds stupid, but this kind of self sabotage happens all the time and is often one of the biggest reasons why some people stay in horrible jobs or relationships that are far from fulfilling. Change needs to be made here, so sodding well make it!

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