Two of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: The Two of Cups is very much a card of partnerships and unions, especially in the sense of a long-term partnership that’s going to create something that can only be described as awesome. Referred to as the “Lord of Love” by some occultists, this is often a card about exactly that. Whether it’s that first twang of affection between two people or a full-blown relationship, this card says that if there is a possibility of it happening, unless there’s something major blocking it from happening.

This card can be seen as entering into a business partnership that will fundamentally change those that enter into it. This shift can be any number of things, but it will be something that will change things permanently in your daily life. This shift is often a mindset shift that leads to other changes in a person’s life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mindset change.

In all of it’s different situations, this card talks about drawing together two mutually compatible aspects. These don’t necessarily have to be opposites, but these things will be different enough to create something stronger than the two individual parts. This card is about building up connections with people and the opportunity to use these connections to their full potential in a way that will be beneficial to all. It’s one of those cards that tells people that things will change for the better as long as they’re willing to interact.


Reversed/Ill Dignified: When it’s reversed, this card can potentially be disastrous.

Potentially. It depends very much on what surrounds it.

There’s a good chance that there’s something stopping the upright aspects of this card from manifesting. Interference from a third party, self doubt, or just that little voice in the back of your head that really needs to quieten down on occasion are common things that can cause frustration when something that has the potential to be AWESOME just isn’t happening.

This card can be pointing to a breakdown of a close partnership or relationship, where a lot of emotional and mental energy has been invested, or things could simply be at their logical conclusion due to a mistake made at the beginning of the relationship. It’s not a nice card when it shows up reversed as it always seems to point to the end of something that had the potential to be fantastic. Despite this, there’s still a certain amount of upside to be found here. Although the relationship has ended, those fundamental changes to who you are have still occurred and you are now able to see these new aspects of self without the influence of others.

This card can predict a certain amount of loneliness, but this doesn’t need to be the case. It’s a sign that loneliness is going to become a common thing unless you do something about it soon. The habit of being alone and depressed about it is a frustrating one to get into, so don’t allow yourself to do so.

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