Three of Pentacles/Disks

Upright/Well Dignified: With the Three of Pentacles being pulled, you know that at least one focus of a reading is going to be in the planning stages of a project. Getting your and other people’s act together isw going to be an important aspect of whatever’s going on. It might seem trivial, but even in the most minor of things, the planning is going to be more important than you realise. People have specific idea as to what needs to happen in a project and looking at the original ideas is going to come into play, most likely saving a few butts.

The Three of Disks is very much about the process of creating something, about how people go about the act of creation. Structuring ideas so that they can be implemented. While this is a card of the planning process, it is often the end of the planning process that this card is talking about. While the project itself has yet to be finished, the panning process has gotten to the point where things can start happening without creating problems for the project later along the line.

As well as talking about the planning and implementation of a plan, this card talks about expertise. Each person involved in this are involved because the skills that they have are important to getting things done properly. Whether or not the people involved are experts, they are all likely to be well versed in their fields, often being professionals. The main thrust of this is that the foundational work is steady enough to have the right people doing the right jobs and to simply get things done.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The reversed Three of Disks is never a good sign in regards to new projects. Things might seem more or less sorted, but there are a few things being overlooked that are almost certainly going to be problems later. If the situation warned of in the reversed Three isn’t righted, before too long you’ll experience what can only be referrred to as “the Buttefly effect.” Small things affect other small things, which go on to affect other small things and the end product becomes something much more different from what you were initially working toward.

There are times that a project’s planning is perfect and the problem doesn’t lie with the planning, but the fact that a project is going ahead in the first place. If a bad idea is planned perfectly, all that means is that a bad idea had good planners. It might be the perfect time to sit and think about whether or not a project really needs to happen in order to get the results that you’re after. There is nothing inherently wrong with the project itself, but the effect that you’re hoping it will have is most likely a far cry from the one that you will get.

There is also the probability that the people chosen for the project aren’t the best possible people for the job. Whether it’s due to personality conflicts or simple incompetence, you might very well find that the group that you are working with aren’t able to do the job as advertised. It is important to recognise that with this, you are also part of the group and it may take a fair amount of self-knowledge in order to see whether or not you are truly the best choice for the position that you have.

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