Ten of Swords

Upright/Well Dignified: The ten of Swords is not anybody’s friend. I tend to think of it as a “gatekeeper” of sorts. Everything that has happened has come to a head and it has ended pretty disastrously, although that’s not the end of it. The Rider Waite deck shows a man with ten swords in his back, with  the sun going down in the background. The ten swords in the man’s back strike me as overkill. One of those swords could have done the trick, but there are ten, which implies either total overkill or an overabundance of zeal on the part of the people involved in this man’s murder. When this card shows up, it can be a sign that over-thinking something or putting too much emphasis on one aspect of things can cause its downfall.

Are you finding yourself at the end of your rope? Has everything simply “fallen to shite?” Welcome to the Ten of Swords. The point of this card is that right now, things are as bad as they’re going to get. No matter which situation you apply this card to, there is no doubt that you’re looking at the rather shitty endgame. All that being said, if nothing can get any worse in the current situation, then you can’t go anywhere bet sideways, which will lead you to another crappy situation, or up to where things start to get better, which brings me to another aspect of this card that I feel is important.

In the background, you’ll notice the sunset happening. All of the things that this card shows will be cast into darkness, but that’s not the end of the story. The next morning, things will be revealed and people will start their efforts in new directions. What has gone before will be seen and explored before people will learn from past mistakes and experiences.

Reversed/Ill dignified: This card doesn’t get better being reversed, so I’m apologising for being the bearer of bad news. In many ways this card, when reversed can feel worse, as it’s often telling you that you’re not quite at the end yet. It’s like instead of the man being already dead, you’re feeling like you’re in his place and the death is a work in progress. It is a card that is about the expectation of failure and that expectation being the  correct one in this instance. The worst thing about it is that you can see the failure happening and aren’t sure how to stop it.

There’s a possibility that you could be one of the people that has contributed to the overkill and there is a lot of stress on your part as it’s only a matter of time before the clusterfuck that is the current situation is revealed, as well as your involvement. This could be a warning to look at your own reasons for being involved as there is a definite learning experience here at your disposal, as long as you’re willing to look at things a little more objectively than you have been at this point.

Occasionally, this reversed card is showing that the current direction is close to exploding in your face, so a last ditch effort to head elsewhere might be your only hope of escaping some very bad situations up ahead. With what you know of the situation, there’s also a good chance that you know which questions you need to ask at this point. It’s time to ask and to act, rather than be part of the problems that you know are being created by current situations.

Good luck…

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