Ten of Pentacles/Disks

Upright/Well Dignified: The Ten of Pentacles is the card that says “and they all lived happily ever after,” something that it shares with the Ten of Cups. Both cards also talk about attainment, although here, with the Ten of Pentacles, the attainment is a lot more material and, for want of a better phrase, solid. There is a solid foundation for new projects that you are able to build on that will continue to bring good things to you, due to the hard work and diligence previously invested.

Come to think of it, invested is a very good word. Some sort of investment that is going to be paying off long-term is a perfect example of what this card is all about. It is a card about delivering and over-delivering  on a promise because you are in a position to do so and have reached a level of maturity where you recognise the value of being in a position where you are able to give. This kind of security is another important aspect of this card. The prosperity brought about by past efforts and in many cases, good luck have delivered you into a place where you are able to feel like you are finally secure.

It’s interesting to note that this card in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot also brings with it a warning. The warning comes in the form of a tower in the background. This tower tells us that everything we do lays the foundation for what comes next. While there are plenty of things that take us by surprise, how we address these things is governed by learned behaviours and unconscious responses. By recognising these things, we have the choice as to what foundations we lay for what comes next.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The reversed Ten of Pentacles has a habit of telling people that they simply don’t realise what they’ve got. There are things that they either have or have access to that are not being put into use in any way, shape or form. When reversed, this is a card of wasted potential or wasted materials that could be put to much better use. Look at what you have around you and see what you have to work with, rather than think of yourself as useless because things aren’t working out in one particular direction.

Another common theme with the reversed Ten of Pentacles is that of misunderstanding of what is actually there. Most people know a group or family that seem happy from the outside but aren’t always good at keeping up the illusion of happy families. The idea of perfection that each person has is personal, but there are times when there is somebody trying to live up to all of them. What this leads to is a delusion that things are fine when a person’s world is falling down around their ears. That tower in the background was built on shoddy foundations and is now crumbling, breaking down everything it touches.

Finally, we have the theme of insecurity. While everything is in place for things to be the “Happily Ever After” you always wanted, there’s a good chance that you’re stressing about something that is unlikely at best to come to pass. There are situations where the problems expected become self-fulfilling prophecies. While the potential provided by the upright Ten of Pentacles is still there, the direction in which they are used can easily become disastrous if the perspective is destructive.


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