Six of Wands

Upright/Well Defined: The six of Wands is a often a card about celebrating a hard won victory of one sort or another. There’s could have been a struggle, or simply an “aha!” moment and all of a sudden, a great movement forward, but there is still a lot of work to be done if you want to get anywhere longterm. Don’t let the small things get in your way, as there is a longterm payoff if you keep on heading in the direction you’re going.This is a card of motivation. Not only of having moved forward, but of keeping on moving forward until things are done. It’s a card that recognises the possibility for things to go well as long as the effort is persistent. The Rider Smith deck shows a man on a horse who looks like he has come through and won a great victory, but is already on his way to another one.

His horse looks back, but both he and a small viper in his wreath are facing to the right (forward). As well as the initial victory, there will definitely be recognition of what’s been going on and your contribution to getting things done. It’s alright to feel good about things as you’ve earned the recognition that you’re getting. As well as being the hero of the hour, there’s also the responsibility placed on your shoulders. Once you’ve shown yourself to be capable, people will expect the same consistently, if not more from you. When this six turns up, you can deliver as long as you’re willing to put in the extra work.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: There is a victory, but there’s a good chance that you’ve probably found out that this “victory” doesn’t feel as good as it should. You might find yourself asking “What happened?” “Was it really worth what I gave up?” “Was this really what I wanted?” or any number of questions that could very well end up showing you the meaning of the phrase “hollow victory.” It’s not a case of win or lose here, but what you were trying to achieve and how you went about it (you can also read that as “how you play the game).

There is also the possibility that victory is in reach, but there is a definite block in your path. To figure out what this block might be, it might be a good idea to try to notice any kind of patterns in a reading. Alternatively, take a look at the people and situations around you that might be taking your time and energy from what you’re wanting to achieve, or whether or not you really want to be heading in that direction in the first place. It might be a case of setting up your own roadblocks so that you don’t actually get to where you think you’re going.

It might be time to look at what you’re trying to achieve and figure out whether or not it’s really worth it. There’s an almost overused adage that “sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.” When the reversed six of wands appears, it’s true. You’ve gotten to where you wanted to go, but the things that have happened while you were getting there have been the teachers of what you truly needed to learn. In this instance, rather than rushing off into another adventure, it’s time to look at the experiences that you’ve had up to this point and decide what you’ll need to move forward, rather than simply launching yourself into unknown waters.

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