Six of Swords

Upright/Well dignified: When you find yourself looking at a problem from an emotionless point of view, then you have a good idea about what the Six of Swords is all about. The Six of Swords is about escape from the current situation, usually in a manner that you’re less than happy about, but often seems like the only way out. This is not one of the happier cards, but at the same time, it can often lead to better things, or at least respite from the worse scenarios.

While in some cases, it can be seen as running away, there are other circumstances where it can be looked at as a tactical retreat from a situation. It’s not always about trying to escape from something, but trying to make it to elsewhere, even though leaving what you know can be difficult and ¬†sometimes painful. This card can sometimes denote grief or the grieving process that will eventually lead to being able to move on from an emotionally painful place.

The Crowley Thoth Tarot refers to the Six of Swords as “Science.” This can be seen to mean that the card talks about objectivity and the need to be looking at things without getting emotionally involved with them. Removing yourself from the situation, whether permanently or just long enough to get some perspective can do people a world of good, especially when things are emotionally charged, which in many cases where the Six of Swords turn up, they are.

The journey talked about in the Six of Swords can sometimes be literal, but this will need to be verified by other cards.


Reversed/Ill dignified:¬†Where the upright Six of Swords is all about the moving away from the situation to find something, the reversed Six of Swords can often be seen as the opposite. There is a good chance that while you’re moving away from the situation, you’re actually going on to another place to create pretty much the same issues elsewhere. The reversed Six can be a warning that you’re taking the issue with you, carrying unnecessary baggage because the issue is more “safe” than the changes that come with a solution. The card is often asking you whether you’re actually starting anew, with a new lease on life, or simply starting again and living a rerun of a situation until it drives you a little mad.

Another interpretation is that the answer to your issue isn’t trying to get a better perspective from afar, but perhaps immersing yourself in the problem at hand. While there are some things that can be solved by analysis from a safe distance, sometimes full immersion is what’s necessary to provide you with a more complete understanding of what’s going on and how to defuse whatever might be in danger of blowing up in people’s faces. There are many situations where people try to solve a problem from elsewhere so that they don’t get hurt, only to get hurt by parts of the problem that weren’t initilly addressed because they couldn’t be recognised from afar for what they actually were.

There are certain situations where this card reversed can be a sign of trying to deal with grief before it’s been fully realised. It can be a momentary respite from a situation, but it only delays the inevitable at best. At worst, it can create a long-term mindset that doesn’t allow emotions to be recognised and harms people much more than it helps them.

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