Six of Disks/Pentacles

Upright/Well Dignified: It is usually easy to see the benevolence that is often shown on many tarot decks when the six of pentacles is pulled. It is a card about giving what you can when it is available. It is also about being willing to receive what is given, should you need it.

There is a strong sense of giving that extends beyond the simple throwing of cash at an issue. It has a strong feel of helping out where you are and trying to be as balanced as possible about it. In the Rider Waite Tarot and it’s many clones, there is a person with something to give and at least one person receiving. The person giving is also often carrying scales. There is a definite reason for this. This isn’t just a card for charity, although that is one of it’s common themes. It’s a card of balancing things out. While often there is more than one person in need, what can you afford to give? Often you’ll feel that it might not be enough. That’s not true when the six of Pentacles rolls your way. What you give is always enough. Once you have given, the responsibility of how it is used is on the person who has received. How a person reacts to an act of charity, how they respond to kind words, or even if they choose to return your smile.

There’s the possibility that you are in need of assistance. Thankfully, this is a card letting you know that you will receive it eventually. All you really need to do is be willing to ask the right person. This can sometimes be tricky, as our support networks aren’t always the people to ask about some things. While our nearest and dearest can give us insight about a lot of things, there isn’t always a lot they can tell you about your own situation that you don’t already know. People have a tendency to attract  those that they can relate to and as a result, will often find others in the same situation as themselves. If you are trying to change something, it might be time to ask the people that can help, rather than the people that we’re comfortable around.

All up, this can be a powerful card if you take it’s message to heart and utilize it effectively.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: When this card is reversed, there is a good chance that you’d better listen up and make sure that you’re going to act. You’re being offered something valid that you’re not taking and are pretty much screwing yourself in the process. What you are being given will help you but for some reason, you’re not taking it. Whatever the reason, whether it be due to stubbornness, simple arrogance or simple inability to see that you need help, you are no longer in a position to decide that you don’t need it. Debts. Inability to work through something. All of these things can overtake you if you don’t pull your head in and find the help that you need.

There’s also the possibility that what you are utilising at the moment isn’t the help that you really need. This happens a lot more often than a lot of people realise. There’s a situation that pops up, so people do something about it, which either slows the situation down, or it stops the situation momentarily and they go on thinking that they’ve solved the problem when all they’ve done is placate the problem, rather than remove it. There can be a lot of reasons why this happens but the main point is that the type of help that you’ve been getting isn’t solving the real issue. The real issue needs to be confronted, otherwise this problem will keep on occurring.

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