Six of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: When you find yourself lounging about and reminiscing about your childhood, or for that matter, better days in general, you know that you are well and truly in the thrall of the Six of Cups. It’s one of those cards that is determined to take you back to what will probably seem like better days compared to where you are. Nostalgia can be a powerful thing, but when the Six of Cups shows up, this nostalgia is hanging around for a reason. There’s a good chnce that you’re feeling that something important is missing and you’re searching your past for a time when it was there. This could potentially be a very good thing , as long as you realise what you’re looking for. Looking to the past is only as useful as whatever you’re able to bring to the present.

This card is often a card about simple childlike joy in the world, which is something that we forget in our day to day lives. There are points where you’re being told that it might be a good idea to look at the world through someone else’s eyes for a while and forget about your own stresses. Stepping away for a few moments can be a powerful thing when it seems like the world’s getting on top of you. It’s not a case of escapism here, but a case of renewal. Letting one aspect of your life go to give yourself time to recharge. If you don’t do this every so often, you may very well find yourself feeling older than you are and a lot more drained than you’d otherwise be.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The same as the upright Six of Cups, you’re probably finding yourself drawn to the past. In this instance, however, there’s a good chance that you’re not looking for an answer, but a way out. A situation that might ordinarily be represented by an upright Six f Cups has become stressful due to inaction and has now turned into a situation that you’re trying to escape from by trying to bury yourself in your own personal history. Somewhere, you know that digging into your past isn’t going to help, but the answers that are abundantly clear in the here and now are a little too overwhelming for you to want to deal with. The problem is, somewhere you know that drawing inward won’t help you. All that said, it probably won’t stop you trying, at least for a while.

Taking things in an entirely different direction, this card can occasionally be talking about sme sort of childhood trauma that is holding you back from doing something awesome. There are a lot of things that happen to people as children that they don’t realise they’ve carried into adulthood (which is probably how it became such a cliche). There are worlds of conflicting messages that we receive as children that we don’t even realise affect us as adults. Where the upright Six of Cups talks about remembering something from your childhood, the reversed can talk about reversing those things that are stopping us from moving on with our lives.

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