Seven of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: So what do you want out of life? This is the card that’s asking you to try to figure it out. It’s a big world and despite how may people feel, there is a place for all of us. This card is the card that tells you to start looking. It’s all about knowing who you are. Getting that out of the way is going to make everything else a lot easier to cope with.

Of course, this is a card about the responsibilities that come with being who you really are, as well.

With all that thinking though  don’t forget that, well, there’s shit to be done. Don’t ignore what you know you’ve got to do in favour of sitting on your butt trying to figure out who you are. All that will do ultimately is lead to padding your ego without getting anywhere. That being said, once you’ve figured out which responsibilities are yours as well as which are ones that you’ve taken on because nobody else did, you’ll be able to decide what else you need to take in order  to get to where you want to go.

The Rider Waite deck has a picture of someone trying to decide on which of the seven cups he wants, each with something different inside. I like the imagery used because Pamela Colman Smith has hidden an important message here that hardly anyone seems to notice. Take a look at the one that has the wreath in it. Notice the death’s head on the cup? Some people do, but some don’t. It’s a warning that tells you that looking for glory is going to mess you up in this situation. Another way of putting it is  “Don’t let your ego get the better of you.” It usually cuts down on what you think you’re looking for (the threat of disaster or self destruction can do that!) and making your true heart’s desire a lot more recognisable to you.

Ill Dignified/Reversed: The responsibility that you’ve taken on, to be frank, isn’t yours. The direction that you’ve taken on isn’t the ideal one by any standards, so you’ve found yourself in a less than ideal situation that you seem to me stuck in. You’ve convinced yourself that you’re either the only person that can or possibly the only person that will do something, while the person more suited to the job is waiting on their laurels for something that may not be coming. This could be because you’re simply comfortable where you are, or you’re afraid of what the future will bring if you move from what’s familiar into unknown territory.

Another possibility is that there’s no real choice at all. There are times when the choices being offered are a lie. This means that there is a possibility that you might have someone leading you along to make a decision when there’s no choice at all. Everything that you’re being shown is there to lead you to one conclusion. Seriously, don’t fall for it.

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