Nine of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: Strength in opposition is the phrase of the day where the Nine of Wands is concerned in a reading. Showing up, it lets you know that there is going to be a lot of opposition with whatever you’re trying to do, but you’ll most likely win out, exhausted as you’ll probably be from the conflict.┬áMake no mistake, while it does predict victory, it also predicts a hell of a time trying to achieve this, with a lot of things coming out of the woodwork that you’d probably never think would ever try to oppose you in what you’re trying to do.

Once this card has come to pass, you’ll find yourself in a better place but may find that you’re more than a little nervous about how you’re going to go against the next wave of conflict. Nervous, but you’ll find yourself ┬ámeeting this with the same zeal as you had before and probably incorporating a few things that you learned the last time around. After all, you don’t get to where you’re going without adding a few tricks to your repertoire.

This is also a card of protection, where people find that one conflict has well and truly ended, but in order to maintain what they’ve achieved, there are more conflicts on the horizon. This is a pain in some respects, but also implies that you will be the one with the vantage point that allows you to see what’s coming and lets you keep what you’ve earned.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: As above, there is conflict and a hell of a lot of it. The difference is that here, you’ll find yourself unable to gain any ground in what you’re fighting for. The best that you’ll be able to do is keep what you’ve got and hope that there is another chance to eventually move forward. There is still the chance of victory, but not until there has been a lot more struggle to weaken the opposition. There’s a more than a little vulnerability here, but at least you know that you can keep what you’ve got so far.

There’s a good chance that what you’ve hoped to achieve, you might very well HAVE achieved, but recently found out that it is far from what you expected. Somewhere along the line you’ve found yourself in a place where you were sent on a slightly different track to what you expected and have spent a lot of time and energy in struggling toward what you now realise was the wrong outcome. Now that you’ve come to that realisation, it’s a case of figuring out how to get from “here” to “there” with a minimum of fuss. Often this can be a journey in and of itself, so taking a rest before you head in any new directions is always recommended.

Sometimes this card reversed is a warning that what you’re fighting for in the first place might not actually be what you think it is. Misrepresented causes are everywhere and often rely on this misrepresentation in order to find people to commit to them. Don’t let yourself get suckered into something that may not be worth your time, as before long, you could be shoulder deep in someone else’s shite and not having any idea on how to get out.

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