Four of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: Like all of the fours in the tarot, there is a sense of structure in this card, seeing as the main focus of the card is indeed a structure. This structure is not one that confines though. The structure is one that a person can move freely about in. There is a strong sense of freedom in this card, along with the joy that comes with the freedom. Whether this is the result of good luck or hard work, enjoy it while it’s there. The freedom is there because of an initial success in something, which is a good thing, but like the structure in the four of wands, is not necessarily permanent.

There is a celebratory feeling that comes with this card, probably due to the initial success mentioned in the earlier paragraph. There is a sense of joy, of recognising a happy event and wanting to bring people together for it. Recognition of positive results is hinted at here, so if this is the case, here is the prime situation to build yourself up for longtime success, starting to put things in motion for the future successes to come easier. This card sees the positive implications based on earlier successes and celebrates them, but is careful not to allow the celebration to become the main focus.

Both of the previous paragraphs have talked about short term celebrations, giving a sense of freedom due to something working well. I’ve also pushed the idea that things need to be maintained in order to function. This requires a long term effort on your part, so  you’ll need to decide whether or not the long term is what you’re aiming for.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: There is the possibility of good luck heading your way, but there’s a strong possibility that you’ll squander it rather than put it to work. Not using this opportunity can be a very bad idea as this particular lucky break may very well lead to awesome things if you actively make the most of this luck. It might be something like using an unexpected cash windfall on a new television, rather than putting it on the credit card bill, or using work connections in ways that aren’t conducive in the long-term. Getting too caught up in the here-and-now could lead you to some less than fantastic situations, damaging long-term chances at things that you’d much prefer to be a part of.

This reversed card might be calling you to  take your mind off of the big picture for a while. When you stay too close to something for too long, it can be detrimental to the operation and cause things to seem bigger than they actually are. Giving yourself a breather every once in a while can be useful in allowing things to happen as they would without you. Seeing where you fit into the scheme of things can be a very useful attribute. In situations with a lot of responsibility, there might be a call to see if you can lessen your imput until you have a firmer grasp of the current situation.

All up, a reversed Four of Wands isn’t nearly as bad as it could be. There are still good things coming your way, but thinking in different directions might be necessary for seeing this luck for what it is and the potential for things to come if applied properly.

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