Four of Disks/Pentacles

Upright/Well Dignified: In every situation, there’s at least one satisfactory outcome that is possible. The Four of Pentacles is letting you know that there is a good chance that there will be at least a satisfying solution coming your way.  This isn’t to say that the solution is a happy one though. Not by a long shot. In a place where you need to be moving forward, the Four of Pentacles is telling you that you’re too concerned with keeping what you have to really be moving forward, as you don’t want to risk losing anything.

While all of the possibilities in the world might be open to you at this point, you’re looking for a way to have things come to you, which probably isn’t going to happen unless you’re truly open to receiving the bad with the good. If you’re wanting to succeed, but are unhappy with the idea of failures along the way, then you’re setting yourself up for the ultimate failure by driving yourself nuts trying to avoid the inevitable. Failure is part of life, so hiding from it will do no good in actually achieving anything.

In a financially based reading, this card is letting you know that there is a doorway for getting things moving as you’ve established a good working centre. It’s all a case of allowing things to move as they should. Don’t look at initial short term losses as being long term issues. These particular losses needed to happen in other to allow new, more profitable things to come along and take their place.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The message of the Four of Disks is usually loud and clear. If you’re not secure in yourself, then all the money and success in the world cannot help you. The successes in business, love and elsewhere aren’t helping you get to the core of your insecurities so it’s probably time to take an entirely new path to dealing with it. In many cases, these things may be doing nothing more than adding layers of confusion to what is already a confusing situation inside your head and the only way to deal with this is to dig your way through any commonalities that might be appearing in these successes. Achievement for achievement’s sake alone will not fulfill you unless you know why you need to achieve what you’re stressing yourself over.

At the core, you know what your insecurities are and you also know that they can undo you unless you undo them first. The trick is to not let yourself get carried away with trying to succeed in order to convince your insecurities that they don’t need to be there. If these insecurities were rational, then most of them wouldn’t be there.

From a financial perspective, there are probably losses on the way and you’ll need to go into damage control in order t keep your head above water. There will most likely be a lot of losses due to an unstable base being built on so it’s time to go back to the beginning and figure out what needs to be changed before things get rebuilt. This can be a tough process, but success is possible if you learn from your mistakes, rather than repeating them and hoping for better results.

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