Four of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: When the Four of Cups appears in a reading, decisions need to be made but it’s not going to be easy. Not by a long shot. There’s some sort of emotional dissatisfaction that you’ve been trying to ignore.

That won’t work. Seriously.

You’ve been in a place that’s been comfortable enough, but you’re slowly realising that you’re wanting more out of life and you’ve got little to no idea how to go about getting it. The lack of satisfaction has little to do with the things in your life, but that niggling feeling, but what’s missing. There’s something that you put on the backburner for a while and the desire to reconnect with it is coming on strong. You’re wanting to go along with this, but there are a lot of other considerations that need to be looked at as well.

More than anything, there is a hint as to how to go about getting what you want on this card. Notice on hte card how one of the cups is being held up by a floating hand. Also note how it’s not being noticed. Here the main message is that what you need is already around you, but you’re too busy looking at the things that you’re familiar with to really get anything.

There are other considerations that need to be made, such as what you’re willing to give up if you need to, as it may be a case of having to lose one thing to gain another. All that being said, all it might take is recognising that there are things that aren’t what you want them to be.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The reversed Four of Cups isn’t the most negative of cards, although there can sometimes be a strong sense of emptiness about it. The good news is that you’re probably going to break out of this rut sooner rather than later, which is a very good thing. Taking a chance on something that you wouldn’t normally look twice at is a possibility, or simply acknowledging that something that you wish wasn’t around probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon and dealing with it.

You might finally be seeing opportunities that you wouldn’t have acknowledged before and decided to go for it. This is an extremely good thing as long as you actually think about what you are doing. Rushing into action here might trap you in a situation that you no longer want to be in. The big point being made here is caution.

On occasion, there’s the idea that it’s not a piece of advice that you’re ignoring, but a problem. What I’d like to know is this: Has there ever been a point where ignoring a problem has made the problem go away? Despite what mothers all over the world told kids about bullies before it became apparent that the bullies were a persistent lot, ignoring things cives them time to gain momentum and may be a little detrimental to what you’re trying to achieve elsewhere. Don’t let yourself get caught from behind by something that you kneow was there all along. You’ll not only find yourself laid out on your butt, but also feeling more foolish than you’d otherwise feel.

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