Five of Pentacles/Disks

Upright/Well dignified: This is one of those cards that makes some people groan a little when they see it. It is, bluntly put, a card about stress and worry. More than anything it’s a card about “going without” something that you’re convinced that you need. This is usually a hint that the things that you’re convinced that you need probably aren’t nearly as important as you think they are. The main focus of this card isn’t the day to day needs that we all have, but what we understand to be our needs. The space between needs and wants can sometimes be obscured by any number of things and it’s this that the Five of Disks is pointing to.

There are times when this card is talking about some sort of material loss, but this isn’t nearly as dramatic as the Five of Disks on a lot of decks portray. There can be some kind of cash settlement that isn’t what you expected it to be but that doesn’t mean that you are specifically at a loss. It means that the feeling of entitlement to something is not going to be fulfilled here. Looking for something that you feel that you are owed is going to make you feel like you’re being left out in the cold.

Often with the Five of Disks, the surrounding cards can ¬†point to where the feeling of loss is coming from. In the case of an abundance of Cups and water-related Major Arcana, there could be emotional needs that aren’t being met and are creating the feeling that something is gone. Should there be many Wands ¬†cards and fire related Major Arcana surrounding the Five of Disks, it’s time to look at what’s needed to revitalise you. Air related cards such as Swords can predict a lack of mental stimulation that is affecting you adversely. More Earth based cards are a sign that there could be financial issues ahead if one isn’t wary.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: With the Five of Pentacles reversed, there’s often a case of ignoring what’s right there in front of you because, while it might fit your needs, it doesn’t fit what you want. Ignoring help that is needed is a silly thing to do at the best of times, but a lot of people do it for a lot of reasons, whether it be because they see it as weakness, because the help that they might need would have to come from somewhere in particular that they would rather not feel indebted to or for any number of other reasons. The point is that the help s out there, but you might not be seeing it.

Alternatively the help might appear to be there, but be something that’s designed to keep you in the position that you’re in at the moment. The friend that always listens and gives you advice might be the person that’s keeping you where you are because their advice only stretches as far as their own experiences. Inability to see past the present circumstances keeps a lot of people in bondage when they could be soaring. It’s sometimes surprising how many people would prefer to relive the same situations over and over rather than move beyond them.

One final question to be asked: When you receive the help, where will you end up? There’s a chance that the situation that you find yourself in could indeed be one that you can’t handle and somewhere in your head you know that. Self-sabotage is a rather nasty thing a lot of the time, but at the same tie there’s often a reason for it. Occasionally, the self-sabotage can be working to protect you from something that you genuinely can’t handle yet. Whether or not this is true for you is up to you to decide.

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