Eight of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified: The upright Eight of Wands is a card of movement and there is no two ways about it. Whether this movement is mental, physical or emotional, the Eight of Wands means that it’s happening. Usually this will be a rather decisive act, waiting until the time is right and then BOOM! A sudden release of energy that gets things moving toward their logical conclusion. The thrust of energy comes with a warning: uncontrolled energy has unexpected results, so direct the energy appropriately, so that there are no unwanted surprises.

There is a certain grace to the way that things come together with this Eight, as this is usually a card that appears near the conclusion to a matter, meaning that the loose ends are starting to be dealt with and matters are being dealt with in a useful manner.

There is also the possibility that something will not conclude, but your place within it will change. There will be a flurry of action and then you’re either placed or drawn to a whole new aspect of something, whether it be a new hobby, work project or even a relationship. There’ll be a surge of urgency to explore this new aspect and you may find it difficult to resist. The best you’ll be able to do is explore things on your terms.

In a relationship spread, it might be a case of figuring out where you want your relationship to head and, well,¬† start heading in that direction. Sometimes there’s a need for one person to take the lead and show the other that it’s okay for things to progress. Just make sure not to push the issue too much too quickly. That’ll just lead to issues.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: A reversed Eight of Wands can be hinting at a few things. The one that most often comes to mind is the the need to slow the hell down. This sudden burst of energy might be useful, but trying to accomplish too much will do nothing but exhaust you and ensure that everything that you touch is in danger of going very wrong. Slowing down to concentrate on what you’re doing is the key to success here.

With the reversal, another common meaning is the ruination of a coordinated effort. It’s a pain in the ass when it happens, but there are times when all the effort that has been put into something will be for nothing due to one screwup that knocks everything out of control. Once this has happened, you’ll most likely need to start again, although you’ll be a little wiser as to some of the pitfalls.

When this¬† card reversed shows up in a relationship reading, it means that there may need to be a long talk to ensure that all people involved in the relationship are wanting to head in the same direction. There could be trouble along the woay due to one partner’s wishes interfering with another’s and soon everything gets distorted.

From a financial point of view, there’s the warning of not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Finances will need to be handled in a more balanced manner as letting things slide in one way or another will probably be hazardous to other things.

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