Eight of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified: Every so often in a situation, there might be times where the circumstances around you are leaving you emotionally exhausted and wondering how the hell you’re going to cope without doing something insane or just plain stupid. When the Eight of Cups shows up, you’ve either hit that point or you’re in danger of doing so. Often, there will be a strong sense of failure when this card turns up and a sense of not having done as much or done “the right thing” as often as you’d like.

With the image of a person simply “walking away” on the Rider Waite deck,  often the this card is  telling you that the direction that you’ve been heading up to this point may or may not be the right for you. It’s not asking you to change your direction, but look at why you keep in that direction. Sometimes your direction WILL need to change for happiness. Other times you just needed to be reminded of why you chose that direction in the first place. Your reasoning for making that choice may no longer be valid and a change might be necessary.

Sometimes the Eight of Cups brings with it a sense of loss. This isn’t a card that predicts that there will we loss, but that you might perceive something to be missing. Don’t despair. It’s not lost, but you are going to have to look elsewhere for it. You’ve been where you are for a while and the things that you’ve taken pleasure in are seeming a lot more empty than you’ve acknowledged up until this point. It”s time to find your real joy as opposed to something that you’ve accepted as being “good enough.”

Reversed/Ill Dignified: You might have made the choice to leave your current situation and it was far from an easy choice. The only problem is that while you made the choice to leave, you didn’t really actually decide on where you were going. With the Eight of Cups reversed, things are similar to the upright, except that there have often been hasty changes made with not as much thought into them as there should have been.

The reversed Eight of Cups can be a representation of moving on to something hat isn’t really all that better than what you left. Learning that different isn’t always better might very well be in your near future. This is a card that tells you yes, a change is good, but not as good as a change that you’re in control of. For every change you make, there are also likely pitfalls and consequences. You are being asked to decide which ones are you willing to accept and which ones you’re unable to.

Another aspect of this card that can appear when reversed is the indecision on what needs to happen next. While the Eight of Cups often hints that walking away is an option, when reversed it is reminding you that yeah, it’s an option, but far from the only one. Painful situations can arise for any number of reasons but walking away before you know why this one has arisen is going to be a painful one in the long run as you may not truly realise what you’re really what you’re walking away from. Make sure that you have all of the details and understand all of the implications before you decide to act.

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