Ace of Swords

Upright/Well dignified: A sword is a potentially dangerous object in the wrong hands. When the Ace of Swords pops up, it’s time to figure out if your hands are the right hands or the wrong ones. To be blunt, the Sword being talked about is the one between your ears. It cuts through problems with the speed of thought (often literally!). This sword is your thoughts and awareness, which have been opened up either by something or to something. A new perspective may have opened your eyes to a whole new world simply because you chose a different way of looking at things. A blade can both save you or condemn you. A surgeon’s scalpel can save lives as well as end them and this is even more true with a person’s thoughts, beliefs and worldview.

Sometimes the most powerful thing that a person can do is look at the questions that they ask themselves. For example, a question such as “Can I…?” A person is looking for a yes or no answer, or in many instances, permission from a higher power. All it takes to take this from a question of permission to a question of method is the word “how”. The question “How can I..?” will get you a helluva lot further than “Can I..?” This is just one example of what the Ace of Swords can do for you.

On occasion, a piece of information might give you the ability to obtain something that you’ve wanted for a long time or put you in a position to do something amazing that you’ve wanted to do for ages. How are you going to use it? Hell, ARE you going to use it? There are times when standing on the threshold of something momentous might lead people to experience what I can only describe as “brown trouser” moments. So, with this potential becoming apparent, what are you going to do with it?

Reversed/Ill Dignified: Sometimes, potential is wasted on people. Not usually because of the people but because they’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and either can’t or won’t leave where they are.  The potential is there, but the situation for it to show itself is elsewhere. A reversed Ace of Swords is often telling you that it might be time to get away from where you are because your potential is useless until you use it. The need for change is always apparent when a card is reversed, so here what is being called for is a need to change perspective. The way that you see yourself and the world around you might not be as useful as you hope in going on to new things.

With a reversed Ace of Swords, you’re being told that your sense of things might not be helping you achieve what you truly want. This could be unconscious self-sabotage due to being nervous about the future or just overlooking what needs to happen in orderfor you to get where you want to go. It may be time to step back and look at what’s happening to keep you where you are and then see what happens when you change certain circumstances.

In all instances, you’re being called to change the way that you think. There is some major events coming and you’ll be called to play a part in them, but you’re going to need to work on your inner game first.

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