Ace of Disks/Pentacles

Upright/Well Dignified: When the Ace of Disks makes an appearance, there is a new project in the works for you. Whether this is to do with work or around the home, something new is appearing and is setting the ball rolling in the more “mundane” aspects of your life.

Occasionally this can be a sudden change in employment for the better, or at least bringing with it better cash. There might also be a windfall, which could be anything from a lottery win (Don’t bet on it though!) to an unexpected inheritance (Don’t bet on this either. It’ll make you seem like a horrible person). The point is that there is something that’ll get the ball rolling for the creation of wealth. The trick here is to know what it is and use it effectively.

Cash is one of the first things that pops into people’s heads when they look at the Disks cards, as not only do coins look like disks, but it is where a lot of people’s sense of security comes from these days. A Disks Ace can also draw your attention to a sense of security in one’s general situation, where while things might not be too different from how they have been recently, things are heading in a generally more positive direction. Sometimes this card is letting you know that right now is a good time to stop looking for security, as the security and abundance are right there as long as you’re able to actually look at what you have and how to make it work for you.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: So, the ball’s in your court and everything should be plugging along as expected. Yet, it’s not. You’re being called to look at what’s happening, what’s NOT happening and ask yourself,  what’s missing? There’s a cog missing from your well oiled machine that is keeping everything where it is, rather than where it needs to be. It’s time to look at where the energy leaks out and create a solution. This means recognising that there might be faults in what you thought might be a flawless game-plan.

While the reversed Ace of Pentacles might also refer to a windfall, there’s a good chance that it’ll be a lot smaller than you initially believed. It’s also probable that the windfall will cause more problems than you think that it’ll fix. Sometimes the reversed Ace is referring to how you think about things such as security, money and prosperity. A lot of issues about money don’t actually come from a lack of cash, but a lack of feeling secure and an inability to recognise what REALLY makes you feel secure in your own self. A little bit of self knowledge and a lot of effort on your own part might be called for here as the problem might not be your current situation, but how you think about it. All the cash in the world won’t help a person who doesn’t know what they really want, nor what they really need.

All of that aside, it might also be time to look at things that have nothing to do with money, prosperity and whatnot. The reversed Ace of Disks might be telling you that trying to push your focus in this direction won’t solve what you really need solved at the moment. This particular door is shut, so it’s time to focus your energy in a more useful direction.

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