The Tower

Upright/Well Dignified: There comes a time when certain beliefs and belief structures need to change or be removed. When this needs to happen, you can almost be certain that the Tower will show up in a Tarot reading. How this happens is not often pleasant and the Tower is seldom a card that makes people comfortable. It is a card that takes some of your most cherished ideas and beliefs and either removes them or pits them against each other to see which is the idea that you hold onto most tightly.

The Tower is almost the antithesis of the Heirophant. Where the Heirophant is about the structuring of beliefs, the Tower is where these beliefs are challenged and often removed. The Tower’s methods are seldom sluggish, often coming from nowhere and leaving just as quickly. It could be a moment of inspiration, the culmination of a few ideas finally being put together, or the terrifying realisation that an idea that you’ve held to be true might not necessarily be the case. Anything from finding something out about a lover that you’d have initially preferred not to know, to the full implications of that contract that you’ve signed can be situations that the Tower talks about. In any case, the Tower’s effect is long-reaching, often leaving people wondering how they’re going to deal with whatever revelation the Tower brings with it.

The Tower is very much an “evolutionary” card. You walk away from it quite differently from when you encountered it, but you do generally walk away. It’s one of those cards that a lot of people don’t like seeing because it means huge changes, but the majority of these changes were going to happen eventually either way. You can deal with the changes or hide from them, but if you deal with them, at least you don’t have the indignity of being dragged along kicking and screaming from things that you can’t stop changing.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

Often, the Tower reversed is about the refusal to change, especially when it becomes apparent that if you don’t change to suit a situation, outside forces are going to make you extremely uncomfortable until you do. Holding on to beliefs that are currently flying in the face of logic and what you are seeing with your own eyes is one of those things that the Tower reversed is all about. The point of this card showing up reversed in many readings is that beliefs that you have never been truly challenged are about to be and the result is less than likely to feel good. Things that you assumed to be true are probably going to be tested and things are going to come up being less than comfortable.

There are also points where the chaos has come and you’ve figured out that certain beliefs are no longer serving you, only to let go of the wrong ones. If things were simple, it would seem that there was only one solution to any one obstacle, but living in the real world means that things are never that simple. Before making any rash decisions, take a look at what happened as well as your response to it. When there are things kicked up by the Tower being reversed, it’s time to look at what’s been shaken and decide whether or not it’s steadfast enough to be kept as a constant in our way of understanding things. Looking at what we understand to be constants can help us understand what lessons we need to keep ahold of and what we can allow ourselves to let go of.

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