The Sun

Upright/Well Dignified: The Sun is one of those cards that always seems so damned happy! This is a card full of optimism and hope for the future. All up, a “best possible outcome” card for all involved. Should you find yourself with a simple yes or no question, the Sun card making an appearance is a definite yes. The sheer amount of positive energy that comes from this card can be overwhelming as there is often a lot of assertive (occasionally outright aggressive) energy that appears with it.

Many times, the Sun is about clear perception. The kind of perception that leaves little in the current moment to the imagination, although what it shows you can lead your imagination into new and interesting places, much like the Star. If you are unsure about whether or not you’re seeing things clearly, the Sun will confirm that you are indeed seeing things the way that they are. If you are wondering if an opportunity that has arisen is going to bear fruit, the answer will be yes, so don’t waste any time going for it.

In readings where there is a focus on communication, the Sun tells you that things are being understood clearly and what you’re being told is the truth. Should you be in the process of looking for information on something, you will not only find the information, but you’ll also find yourself understanding more than initially expected.

As the rising and setting of the actual sun is one of the few constants in the average human’s life, the Sun card also stands for new beginnings, as no matter what happens to us, the sun will always rise in the morning on a new day, full of hope and opportunity for more joy.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: When the Sun card is reversed, there is a good chance that while you are able to see everything that’s going on, the conclusion that you are coming to is probably the incorrect one. Having all of the information and being able to recognise the right answer when it’s right in front of your face aren’t the same thing after all. When you have the Sun combined with the Moon, the information that you have may not be as correct as you’d like to believe, even possibly placed there to lead you to an incorrect conclusion. Alternatively, the information may be correct, but is of no use to what it is that you truly want to know.

The Sun can have a dazzling effect, showing you so much that it doesn’t really need to do anything as you’re still reeling from what you’ve been shown. Think of a salesman that talks up something to the point of it being totally unbelievable. You accept what he says, only to find out later that while he was technically telling the truth, there is a certain amount of disappointment that comes with the difference between what you were told and what you thought you were told becoming apparent.

Another common theme with the reversed Sun card is lethargy and apathy. For some reason the energy of the Sun simply isn’t being felt and as a result, you feel like your “Get Up and Go” has simply got up and left. For the reversed Sun to appear, this isn’t going to be a short-term thing and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible before you find yourself falling into habits that remain long after the problem has righted itself. Laziness or finding yourself simply no longer caring when you know that you should can be habits that are extremely hard to break and need to be dealt with before they stop simply holding you back and start defining you.



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