The Star

Upright/Well dignified: The Star and Temperance have a common theme in that they both come after, to put it bluntly, the shit has hit the fan. Where Temperance has a controlled response to the calm after the storm, the Star talks about true freedom after the Tower has been destroyed and energy is free to run where it will. The Freedom experienced by the Star is one of the card’s major themes as all of the energy that the Tower once contained is now ready to flow as it would naturally, without the restrictions placed on by social, spiritual or mental caging that has previously occurred. The routine or structure is no longer useful, so ditch it!

Another one of the major themes of the Star is that of inspiration. The energy no longer contained by the Tower will flow where it needs to go to show you not only what you need to see, bet also what you have the possibility of becoming, should you channel that energy toward it. The road is clearer than it has been for a while and you’ve removed most of the things that held you back or trapped you in a position that was contrary to your growth. This broadening of horizons could be spiritual, mental or emotional but it will definitely make you more than you used to be. Positively wielding this growth and taking advantage of the possibility to become more than you are is, I feel, one of the key points of this card (if not the entire tarot).

The Star is often telling you to see the big picture. The roof is blown off of what you thought that you knew to be true and now you’re seeing things in an entirely different light, along with more paths to be explored.

A lot of this so far has read less like a tarot card and more like a positivity spiel. This positivity is one of the prominent aspects of this card though, as the freedom talked about in the beginning also brings with it a sense of relief, whether this is the removal of guilt, the shifting of responsibility elsewhere or the realisation that path that you’ve been on up to this point isn’t the only possible pah that you could be walking.  The weight that you’ve kept on your shoulders for one reason or another is finally gone and you can move more freely.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: One possible meaning for this particular reversal is that this new-found freedom may not be what you need when it appears. The confines of the Tower may not have been nice, but they were probably rather necessary. For many people, the freedom that the Star offers may need to be earned before it is granted to them. The Star offers new paths, but not until you are ready to walk them.

Another possibility that an ill-dignified Star offers is that the freedom that you assumed was yours or took for granted, may not even be real. There are many structures that are based around the idea of selling freedom, when at best all that these structures can give you is a “freedom from”  or a “freedom to” scenario. All that most of these structures do is offer you a trade-off to give you the illusion of freedom.

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