The Moon

Upright/Well Dignified: One of the primary ways that the Moon card often gets read is as a card telling you to trust your intuition. The Moon is about a gentle illumination that lets your imagination fill in the details, which can be either a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on the situation at hand. Often, when there are an abundance of less than favourable cards, it is a good sign that you’re projecting your fears onto what you don’t know yet and are acting on impulses based not on what you know, but what you’ve assumed that you know. The conclusions may not be false, but they are probably not entirely correct either. The key here is to be  objective about what is certain and what is conjecture on your part, or you might find yourself in hot water.

The Moon is also often about reflection on any number of things. Look to the cards surrounding the Moon as to what you might need to reflect on. When there are an abundance of a particular suit in a spread, it might be time to look at a particular aspect of your personality and how that might be affecting things. This can be especially strengthened by court cards of a suit making an appearance.

As well as these things, the Moon can be about those little niggling doubts and fears that often don’t get mentioned to anyone or get pushed to the back of the mind rather than get acknowledged. This is a card that says that these doubts and fears are playing a part in your life at the moment and that objectivity in a situation is going to be lost if you don’t pay attention to those things that stop you from acting in some situations, or overreacting in others.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: When the Moon is reversed, there is a good chance that things are indeed being reflected, but not in a way that gives you any real clarity. You  might be in a spot of bother and think that you have a way out, but you’ll find that you’re not so much dealing with the real issue as much as your perception of it. The difference between these two things can sometimes be huge and not easily recognised. The Moon can be a powerful mistress of misdirection, leading you along a path of logic that, while seemingly useful,may be more detrimental to things than you initially realise.

There are also times when you are being emotionally manipulated by somebody and the Moon can be an indicator of this when reversed. Being fed false information, or technically correct information that is being put to you in a way that will lead you to a particular conclusion is probable, especially if surrounded by Swords cards or Wands cards that indicate conflict between people.

One of the most common reasons for a reversed Moon card is that a person is ignoring the obvious in their life. By a lack of reflection, a querent could be ignoring the possibilities right in front of them. When the reversed Moon shows up it is a good time to step back and look at your life situation for a while as there is something important, or at leasy useful, that you’ve missed.

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