The Magus/Magician

Upright/Well dignified: The Magus is all about having skill, as well as the self confidence to put it to use. He’s the person that not only can make things happen with the tools at his disposal, but also understands the how as well as the what . When this card shows up in a reading, it’s a sign that your mind is your biggest asset here. You’ve probably picked a definite direction and it’s time to let the brain juices flow into making that direction bear fruit. All that you need to make things happen is right under your nose, so bloody well make it happen!

Where the Fool is surrounded with possibilities, the Magician takes the possibility that he wants and turns it into a reality. The Magus is most often shown with the four suits represented in the tarot and also elemental tools for ceremonial magic(k). The Pentacle, the Cup, the Wand and the Blade (most often shown in tarot as a sword) are all there for him to wield. These tools represent his mastery over his life, as well as his recognition of that detail. He’s a powerful individual with a way of winning people over to his side with ease while not allowing himself to manipulate people into doing things that they don’t want to do.

The Magus also stands for birth in some respects, although not often in the literal sense. He’s someone that has brought something into being, almost “magically” and it’s here, when the Magus turns up in a reading, that we’re told to take notice as there is something unique that could be of great use to us. This is especially true when creating the possibility of our own rebirth later. The Magus is also a reminder that although an idea is brilliant, there needs to be a follow-through worthy of it. A good idea is only as good as the way that it’s carried out, which is why all of the Minor Arcana Suits are represented on many Magician cards in various tarot cards.

All up, the Magus has the power to make things happen by being the person with exactly what’s needed to do so. So what do you want to do today?

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

When the Magus is reversed, energy is almost definitely being misdirected from where it needs to go, whether through inability to direct accurately or simple misdirection for the sake of gratification. If you have watched a small child trying to explain why they shouldn’t be in trouble, then you’ll have some idea of how the Magus acts when reversed.

The Magus reversed sometimes uses his talents to deceive people. He manipulates people out of simple things and has the knack for getting what he wants(as opposed to what he needs), but this is usually a quick fix leading nowhere. With trickery alone, the reversed Magus slips between the gaps and gets things with what looks like little or no effort, but is in reality a convoluted plan usually with more effort wasted than it would have taken to get what he wants through normal means.

The Magus reversed could also be a reminder that you don’t need to do things alone. While the upright Magus can control the world around him, the reversed Magus doesn’t always have the same power. It is alright, maybe even necessary, to ask for help on occasion. There is seldom such thing as a person that is in complete control of their destiny, but it is easily possible to know how to roll with the punches. The reversed Magus has still to learn this skill, but it will be a skill that will serve him very well in the future.

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