The Lovers

Upright/Well dignified: When the Lovers turns up in a reading about relationships, then it’s a pretty solid guess that you probably already know at least part of the story in regards to what the interpretation is. The Lovers is generally a good sign if you’re wanting to be in a relationship with someone. It isn’t always the person that you’re expecting, but that’s part of the fun!The Lovers is often pointing¬† to commitment in one aspect or another and it connects the idea of commitment to a definite path, whether it be the path of virtue or the path of vice.

In questions involving business or money, this card can be asking you to make a definite choice between following through on the original plan or taking the money and running. The thing is, as well as pointing out that the choice is there, it is also making a definite call to commit to the original plan, rather than get put off and splitting before everything is said and done. This is a card of long-term planning and execution, not short term gain and disappearing into the night.

The Lovers can be a strong reminder not to let communications be stifled. After all, it’s through communication that romance, love and relationships of any sort are begun. As well as conscious decisions, there is communication, both conscious and unconscious that needs to occur in order for any kind of relationship, whether business partnership, sporting team or romantic relationship, to flourish into something powerful. Any relationship that loses it’s communication is going to fail unless it rights itself.

The Lovers also has a strong element of sexuality (Seriously. Who was surprised by that little nugget?). The dual aspects of “Is” and “Is Not” coming together. This doesn’t mean a heterosexual relationship by any means. It is simply a reminder that there is more than the self and that the key is to become more than you are by connecting with what you are not and using that connection to empower yourself.

That, or just have a helluva good time!

Reversed/Ill dignified:

This card is almost never a good sign when reversed. Almost, but not exclusively.

It can be talking about the dissolution of a relationship for a number of reasons. The most common of these is communication breakdown from either one person or all folks involved. The ideas aren’t flowing and as a result, connections aren’t being made and bonds aren’t being strengthened. Relationships sometimes dissolve¬† just simply because they aren’t meant to be, but a reversed Lovers card is often a sign that the relationship breaking down is a lack of connection, rather than something simply running its course.

There is another option though. That is that the relationship that you’re in at the moment is simply based libido. As long as both members of the relationship are aware of this, that’s cool. The problem here is that when the reversed Lovers card appears, someone isn’t aware, or is making a decision to not think about it. Once again, a lack of communication, but this time, a relationship is being prolonged as a result.

This leads us to heartache. One of the most common meanings for a reversed Lovers card. All of the possible reasons in the world can’t keep some things together. It’s about laying your heart on the line for something that wasn’t going to be longterm. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt if it wasn’t worthwhile in one way or another. Repression will only lead to repeating the same thing again until you finally figure out what you need to do in order to stop repeating the process.

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