The Fool

Upright/Well Dignified: The Fool is that moment of innocence just before something begins. Without a care in the world, the Fool is untouched by a lot of the troubles of the world. It’s not surprising that people see the Fool as uneducated. Whether or not the Fool is uneducated isn’t the question. The question is that of experience, which is where the Fool can sometimes seem to come up empty. While this might seem like a bad thing, bear in mind that the Fool has yet to learn a lot of the bad habits that come with experience. The problem is, a lot of the good habits aren’t there either.

In many ways, the Fool’s path isn’t mapped out. While there might be ideas as to where the Fool wants to go, the first steps to getting there haven’t been taken and the Fool is reliant on instinct and the kindness of strangers. While this might work with some situations, there are times when the Fool will need to become something more. This is why the Fool is numbered zero in many decks. The Fool, while initially placed at the beginning of many Major Arcana commentaries, is able to insert himself into anything else and act as a catalyst for something more. Sometimes he Fool will remain as a Fool, other times the Fool will move on to become something else entirely.

This is a card of optimism. There are times when you need to let the inner child come out to play and the Fool is always at the foreground of that process. The Fool is a master of looking at things in a light that only putting old hurts and biases to sleep for a while, which can be worlds of useful if you want to see the world in a different light.


Reversed/Ill Dignified: The Fool is extremely good at ignoring things, which with a reversed Fool is a very bad sign. There  are often all kinds of warnings about something that you’re refusing to acknowledge for fear of making it real. All this will do, ultimately, is create a more intense shock when what you’ve been trying not to see passes and an extra side order of lowered self esteem for not letting yourself see what you kinda knew was already there. The best way to right this situation is to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that there is something that you don’t want to see, but need to in order to move past it.

There are times when the innocence talked about in the upright Fool is about to be lost in one sense or another. Looking at the cards around the Fool can give you a good idea of what exactly is coming. The Death card being nearby can be a good sign of a potentially transformative experience, but one that’s resisted due to the Fool being reversed. The Devil combined with the reversed Fool is a sign that the Fool is resisting change for the sake of an indulgence or vice that will be lost.

Hanging on to naivety is a common theme for a reversed Fool as I’ve just shown, but it’s usually easily turned upright with the recognition of the choice to be willfully ignorant. All that’s necessary from there is for the Fool to make a decision one way or another, rather than not making any decision at all and blaming the world for the issues arising.

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