The Emperor

Upright/Well Dignified: If there is one axiom that rules The Emperor, it is that With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. It is both true, yet also incredibly false.

Yes, you read that right. As well as being true, it’s bull.

The Emperor has control, but no true power. Not really, at least. Sure,  he decides how things are probably gonna happen, but he’s usually as much a tool for the people as the people are a tool for him. An Emperor is only ever as powerful as the empire that he rules. Should the empire be run well, the empire will flourish and the people will love the Emperor. Should he fail, the empire can crumble.

Poor dumb bastard.

He’s the CEO of a large company that has to take the rap for all the mistakes made by the people below him, as well as claim the glory for the successes, so I guess it’s not all bad. The Emperor has control and the wisdom as well as the control, so not only is he in charge, but he also knows how to make it work for him. When things go well for the Emperor, things go well for everyone. If they go badly, however, you can almost hear him yelling “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.”

More than anything else, the Emperor can be read as a strong father figure. He can also be a manager of sorts,who calls for the shots for the team below him, or anyone with perceived power  over others. For those familiar with the X-Men comics,  Cyclops is an example of this.

When the Emperor shows up in a spread, get used to the idea that there is some sort of issue with power structures. Depending on where in the spread it shows up, it could mean that looking at something reasonably might be better than simply diving in headfirst. It might mean that you need to hand some sort of project over to someone else who has the knack for running things smoothly.

Then again, it could mean that you are to be the one with the control this time around. It could mean a burst in your determination, enthusiasm for a project, situation or whatever you’re involved with. It could also mean that your ambitions are going to be the reason that something goes well for you.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: When reversed, there are two main possibilities. The first possibility is that the dominant nature of the Emperor is out of control. The poor sod’s let the control to go to his head and he’s forgotten the reality of his position. When the responsibility is ignored, the power corrupts. Being the Emperor, he has a long way to fall and  lot of people waiting to see it happen, as a reversed Emperor will make plenty of enemies along the way that he shouldn’t have upset.

The second possibility is that the Emperor has lost his crown, so to speak. The perceived power is gone and the Emperor has been revealed as a normal human being with the same character flaws as his fellow man. As often than not, he is shown to be nothing more than a puppet for another person. The Pinky to someone else’s Brain.

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