The Chariot

Upright/Well Dignified: Victory through hard work is one of the key points of this card. When the entirety of a person’s effort is focused on one point, having the Chariot show up means that whatever endeavour that you’re undertaking is going to be a successful one. Yay! It is very much about goal orientation and choosing which direction to head before heading that way without letting anything cause your determination to waver.

All that being said, emotional concerns need to be taken into account before any decisions are to be made. The Rider Smith Chariot has the charioteer’s shoulders wearing two moons on his armour. This shows that while there are emotions are there, they’ve been reconciled with what needs to happen and the chariot can move forward in the direction that it needs to go. This is an important aspect of the card as it draws attention to the need to focus all of one’s energy into what they need to happen. Going through the motions to succeed will only lead to failure longterm.

Sometimes it is drawing attention to things that need to be reconciled in order to move forward. Consider both the solar and lunar emblems on the card. Both of these are telling you that you need to balance head and heart before heading forward. Don’t let things throw you off balance one way or another. This could lead to missing your mark or ending up far from where you wanted to initially be.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: The Chariot is one of those card that promises victory as long as you do things right. Showing up reversed, it can be a sign that the path that you’re following has unseen factors that you’ve not been able to take into account, or your focus is off kilter. Either way, the result is the same. Things are going to end up messily.

This card reversed can a sign that your game plan needs to be revised or scrapped completely. It’s not a case of difficulties arising from external factors, but internal conflicts coming to the surface and interfering with the way things need to flow. It may take recognising and overcoming your own inadequacies and self-sabotaging habits before you’re able to take up the path that you want to tread.

There are times when the path that you’re taking may not be the best one, or worse, just a dead end. If the cards around the Chariot reversed lead you to this conclusion, then it might be the point where you take stock of what’s really happening and why you headed down that path in the first place. One of  core meaning of the card upright is success through balanced effort.

When reversed, either the effort is unbalanced, the path is the incorrect one or there is an important life lesson that is to be learned from the resulting chaos that nobody saw coming. Occasionally things will fail due to forces that you have no control over. It’s sometimes best to get up, dust yourself off, learn what you can from the chaos and move on to the next adventure.

Note: For more on the Chariot’s symbolism, check here.

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