Upright/Well Dignified: This is definitely a powerful card. This card is often about your animal passions and about sodding well using them. Now folks, don’t misunderstand me about this one. This card can refer to getting your rocks off, but more often it’s about focusing that inner drive, rather than letting it drive you into situations that you might regret later. In most respects, the energy isn’t ignored, nor is it subdued, but directed in a way that is going to be beneficial.  Many modern decks show a lion or similar with the animal being subdued, often by a woman, as an expression of inner strength. Inner strength is one of the key phrases of this card, showing how your will directs your inner strength, rather than being taken for a ride (which I think I mentioned earlier). This is also a card about courage, the willingness to stand before what you consider most threatening, meet it’s gaze and say “Well, I’ve got about half an hour before I gotta get back to work. Bring it.”

We’ve talked about the idea of courage and inner strength, but it can also refer to dominion. Not so much dominance over something else, but dominion of the self. The follow-through to the great idea that you’ve had that might take some initial pushing before it truly takes off. This isn’t guaranteeing success, although I have to say, doing something about an idea will bring it closer to fruition than letting it go to waste by not acting on it in the first place.

This is also very much a card about “lust for life.” If there are things that you want to do for the sake of doing them, then there is also the definite possibility that you are getting the go-ahead with this card.

Reversed/Ill dignified: When this card is ill dignified or reversed, it’s best to keep it in your pants, both figuratively and literally. It might feel like there is a strong energy gripping you, a thrust in a definite direction, but it isn’t exactly the best direction for you. This isn’t going to turn out well unless you figure out why you’re being pulled in that direction and understand the consequences of following through. This is about recognition of what’s REALLY going on and not merely going with the flow in the hopes that whatever flow you’re going with is the right one. Not exactly a good time to place your faith elsewhere. You know where you’re meant to be, but you’re ignoring it. Stop it!

You might feel like you’re unable to get motivated. Your energy that you’re missing might very well be due to being “disconnected” from the things that give you joy. While you might need to step back from these things on occasion to get things done, you may have taken it too far and cut yourself off from the things in life that you enjoy for the sake of work, family responsibilities or other situations that you might need to pay attention to. It might be time to take a breather and do some of the things that you enjoy. Sometimes your best work is done after you’ve let go and cut loose.

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