Upright/Well Defined: There is a lot to be said for the idea of balancing forces so that they are able to work in unison. This is often a large part of what the Art/Temperance card is about. The forces talked about don’t have to be in opposition, but there are times when these things can create a type of conflict that makes things stronger, rather than the expected weakness. This card brings with it the ideas of both creation and evolution, things coming together to be stronger as a group than they are as individual entities.

There are times when this card is talking about a shift in consciousness, from one line of thought and experience to something more profound and in many cases, evolved. Coming after the Death card, this can be seen as the moment after transformation has occurred before it is put to the test by the Devil. The trick here is to remember that one of the titles of this card, temperance, is pretty much exactly what is needed here. Balance and moderation are the keywords here, sometimes achieved by combining things that would normally seem to be in conflict.

There are times when this card is very literally about the need for creating or experiencing a work of art. The very act of creation itself can sometimes be a powerful thing, delivering an answer to a question that you may have written off as unanswerable or even not realised was there in the first place. Art as a process can allow things that have spent mulling in the back of the mind to come to the forefront in ways that are unexpected, but in doing so, create a new perspective of the issue and often even delivering answers in ways that you’d not even consider in your normal way of experiencing things.

Reversed/Ill Dignified: When the Art card shows up, a sort of balance is always hinted at, but the reversed card is often a sign that this balance is not there. Sometimes in order to create this balance, it becomes necessary to create some major changes, as the current situation is simply strangling your creativity. A long term situation that has needed to be addressed for a while will often feel like a weight on your shoulders, but you may have simply gotten used to it and brought it with you in your everyday life. The reversed Art card is a sign that there are some monkeys on your back that you need to get rid of in order to become something more than just a sum of your parts. This can be a strong emotional trigger, so expect some major uproar while this is happening.

There are other times when the balance that you’re trying to achieve isn’t only unnecessary, but also often unrealistic when the reversed Art card has appeared. It’s not a case of what you’re trying to do is useless, but that the balance that you’re trying to create is inherently going to cause issues elsewhere. There are times when the whole reason that something works in the first place is because the imbalance that it brings can be useful to people. Taking a look at the big picture is often part of looking at the finer details.


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