Review: Tarot Secrets Revealed

As well as being a great tarot reader and someone I consider an authority, Adelaide based chap Don McLeod is also an author, writing about the Tarot (Hence his latest ebook making an appearance on the site!). He’s written a painfully hard to find book called Practical Guide to Tarot,  which I still haven’t managed to track down, as well as his latest achievement, Tarot Secrets Revealed. This ebook makes me very happy. Now I can sleep better knowing that something being sold on the internet is going to be of some genuine use.

Don explains the Rider Waite Tarot in a way that makes things easy to understand, but thankfully doesn’t dumb things down at all, which is something that I think most people will appreciate. He knows how to put complex ideas across in a way that’s understandable to most people. With this, he goes into the symbolism, showing how the elements of each individual card can help a reader structure a picture of what’s going on.

Don starts with a basic introduction to the Tarot cards and then shows how simple it con be to read the cards. From there, he goes on to get rid of some of the myths surrounding the tarot (and good sodding riddance too!) before going on into the meat of the book: The Cards themselves and the symbolism that sometimes goes unnoticed. He begins with the Major Arcana and goes on to the Minor, explaining their elemental attributions and basic information before launching into the individual cards themselves.

There is also some excellent ideas for putting yourself into, as Don puts it, the “Tarot State of Mind” and how to actually perform a reading.

As well as the core ebook, there is also a workbook that’s included. This has all kinds of information and exercises (Hey, you don’t get good at something without work!) that will give you a boost in your learning. As well as that, there’s also a copy of the seminal work “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot,” which was written in 1911 and is still one of those books that many tarot students find themselves going back to.

I’m pleased with the book. It is definitely geared to the person that knows next to nothing about the tarot, but reading the book and using the workbook effectively will make them a good reader. With that said, an experienced reader will still find use for both the core book and also the workbook.

All up, I’m impressed with what Don’s done here. A good package to make the novice a good reader and a good reader better.

Bravo Don, Bravo.

Just click on one of the pictures to get a link to the sales page.

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