Review: The Vertigo Tarot (Warning: Shamelessly fanboyish behaviour ahead!)

Published by: DC Comics

Is it an actual TAROT deck? Yes

Suitable for beginners? No, sadly.

I was insanely excited when they finally arrived at my door. I’d been waiting for a re-release of these cards for a long time after spotting them online almost seven years ago. I’m very much a fan of Dave McKean’s work, especially with Vertigo Comics and for that alone the deck was worth it. Add to that the booklet was written by no other than Rachel Pollack (Of 78 Degrees of Wisdom fame, as well as working on Vertigo’s own Doom Patrol ) and you have a winner as far as I’m concerned.

The Good:

The deck is beautiful. Not the kind of beauty that lends itself well to explanation, but a surreal gothic beauty that lends itself VERY well to the theme of this deck. While some might see this deck as a little morbid, I think that it is more that the deck is introspective than dark. While the colours in general are less than bright, it always feels to me like the dark just before the dawn.

As someone that has grown up with comics, the use of Vertigo Comics as further references is something that I find to be an AWESOME perk, although that’s just me. I’m familiar with most of the characters and agree with the attributions that have been given completely. There is a lot of depth in this deck, which Rachel Pollack manages to point out, without going to the lengths of treating the reader like an idiot, which I appreciated greatly.

The Bad:

Too bloody flimsy! I’m afraid that they’ll tear, fall to the floor and then burst into flames if I shuffle them too much. The flimsiness and the small size make it hard to see some of the details on the card. These are the only beef I have with the deck itself.

As far as the book goes, the print’s too small. It’s hard to read. Yep. That’s pretty much the entirety of my complaints.

Is it worth it?

Oh so very yes. Is yes to the power of yes pushing it a little? Possibly, but I love this deck. It works best for personal readings I’ve found and a few people you’re reading for might not approve, but that is well and truly their problem as this deck is fantastic.

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