Review: The Gilded Tarot

Is it an actual TAROT deck? Yes

Suitable for Beginners? Oh so very yes!

I wasn’t sure whether or not to add this to my collection of decks. This proves without a doubt that even
tarot readers are fallible. It took me over three months of ummming and ahhhing, but I decided to go for it and am extremely glad that I did so.

The Good:
The artist for this deck, Ciro Marchetti, has delivered a high standard of imagery and symbolism as far as I’m concerned. Some might complain about the lightheartedness of this deck, but the clarity of the cards is amazing. I have found reading with these cards has been enlightening and even if the news is bad, I always feel a little better after using this deck. The style of Marchetti’s  artistic talents lends itself amazingly to the world of Tarot and I am amazed how the images seem to flow together seamlessly.

The images are seamless and there are many small nuances that help to draw the focus of the cards inward, rather than the pictures being the only focus of the reading. The cards and certain images are there to act as triggers, rather than as prescribed representations of something else. This kind of thing makes me, as an intuitive reader, very happy to see.

The Bad:
In all truth, I can’t really say too much bad about the deck. The mixture of digital colouring and pasted  imagery does have an “airy-fairy” quality to it, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. The only thing that comes close to a genuine criticism is that the cards verge on the brink of “too non-threatening,” but they don’t quite make it, so I can’t even complain there.

Is it worth it?
I would recommend this to pretty much anyone. It is beautiful, insightful and non-threatening enough that nobody feels uncomfortable when either reading or being read for.

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