Review: Rohrig Tarot

Published By: BlueStar Communications

Is it an actual TAROT deck? Yes

Suitable for beginners? Yes

I remember the first time I saw this deck. It was in a now defunct Australian magazine called WitchCraft. I saw them, fell in love, pined for months and eventually found a deck in the local Borders. Having no cash at the time, I pined some more. It was bought for me a year later by my then-partner, Leia. Since then, I haven’t looked back. These cards are amazing. It really is that simple.

The Good:

Where do I start? This deck is not only beautiful, but the cards themselves have a strange kind of life to them that make them so very easy to read. As well as the individual number and suit, the Minor Arcana also have the title of each card, which makes things so much easier for those just beginning to read the cards. The imagery is very modern in a lot of instances and also shows that Carl Rohrig, the artist, has a sense of humour. The Chariot has a race-car and Justice has a lightsabre.

I also appreciate that this is very much a deck for those that aren’t exactly fans of the “medieval” stylings of the Rider Waite deck. This deck, while taking some symbology from both the Rider Waite and Crowley Thoth decks, has a life of it’s own. The Major Arcana are very much shown more as archetypal images than many typical “themed” decks. The Major Arcana also carry the symbols for the Hebrew letter they’re attached to as well as the Rune, which I have found useful in many cases. While the cards have a lot of information, they don’t overwhelm you when you’re looking at them.

The Bad:

It is a tad pricey, although very much worth it. Besides that no real dramas. The particular deck that I have is HUGE though, which means that they are hard to shuffle. That’s the only complaint I have of the cards. The book, on the other hand, does the cards no justice whatsoever. It is way too short and is of little use to a serious student. There is very little information there and does a lot of not much to clear things up in a difficult reading.

Is it Worth it?

Yes! The cards are both beautiful and insightful and come together seamlessly. I cannot recommend this deck enough! The book you can very much take or leave, but this deck is AMAZING!

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