Queen of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: If you’ve ever met a career-focused lady that won’t let anything get in her way, then you’ve met a Queen of Wands. This is the type of lady that has figured out how to channel her emotional energy into her goals and isn’t often one to let things stand in her way. This isn’t to say that she’s not capable of things such as empathy. She is, as well as being smart enough to know when to use it and when it’ll be less than beneficial to her. She can be a strict parent, but also one that the children will respect. They don’t have too many friends, but are friends with these people for a reason and are VERY loyal. Their enemies are fewer, as the Queen of wands has no need for enemies that waste time and energy. If they’ve beenĀ  wronged, they’ll talk about the situation. If they feel the need to lash back, then they’ll do so decisively and with little fuss, knowing exactly what they’re doing and the consequences that it will have. That’s how they attempt to live their life. Little fuss.

As a message: As a message, there’s a good chance that you’re being told that there are certain things that you can’t just go through the motions for. “Doing something” is one thing, but being emotionally connected with something while you’re doing something is another thing entirely. It might be time to look at things that make you feel like you’ve achieved something real and reconnect with them. Sometimes it takes reconnecting with the things we love to remind us that true fulfillment isn’t going to come from identifying with what we do for money. Doing that is just going to ruin your sense of self until you figure out the things that give you joy and learn to incorporate them more into your life.


As a person: As a person, this can be a dangerous person to make either an enemy or a close friend of. They find new and painful ways of trapping people in their own little fantasies by using the kind of doublespeak that telemarketers the world over would be proud of. It’s often a case of what they tell you might be true (or not) but the real question is often why. They misrepresent things by presenting “facts” in the worst possible light and base their friendships on how easy it is to manipulate someone. Those that stand up to them will often be demonised. The reversed Queen of Wands will often spend a lot of time justifying why the are the way that they are rather than try to become something better, but prefer to be the way they are as their behaviour often brings attention.

As a message: This is a warning not to let your emotions decide how things need to be in a certain situation. While emotions should be taken into account when making important decisions, emotions alone don’t make for good outcomes. You may find yourself trying to rationalise why you did something when you knew that it was the wrong course of action. All the justifications in the world are useless if you recognise that you’ve acted in a way that has caused some sort of harm or discomfort to people unnecessarily. Not only is thereĀ  suffering that doesn’t need to occur, but the energy that you expend trying to fight off the people that you’ve hurt isn’t going to make your life any easier either. Long story short, go with what you know rather than what you feel.

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