Queen of Swords

Well Dignified/Upright-

As a person: As a person, the Queen of swords is the type of person who seems to know everything. She doesn’t, but if there’s something that she doesn’t know, she knows who to ask. She loves to talk to people about their interests, as she feels that this is a good way to both communicate with and understand them. She can sometimes find it hard to connect with people and can sometimes seem like an “Ice Queen” around them, but this image is, more often than not, mostly unwarranted. While she might come across as heartless, this is because she’s looking at things from an intellectual angle rather than an emotional one. This is a useful skill, but there are times when this queen forgets to stop using it. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and also high standards for the people around her, but if you live up to them, then you’re a friend for life.

As a situation: This could be a situation where creative efforts are going to need to be tempered with a sense of intellectualism. There might be a need to create something new, but the emotional output probably isn’t what’s needed here.

There is also the possibility where someone needs to put their emotions aside and take charge of a particular situation in their life. There might be something that is slowly draining them emotionally simply because they haven’t sat down, thought about it and realised that it is attacking them through their emotions.

Ill Dignified/Reversed-

As a person: This Queen reversed will most likely be extremely charming and sweet…. to your face. Her charm and personality can make their way past your defenses and it won’t be long until she knows everything that she wants to about you. This is all information that may very well be used against you later. She has the potential to be calculating and may very well be the Ice Queen that some perceive the upright Queen of Swords to be.

She also has the possibility of being an overemotional person. More often than not the emotional instability is a way of not actually having to think about something. If a person is by nature a reversed Queen of Swords, don’t expect them to be a great thinker as while they may have the potential, they don’t have the discipline to put their emotional energy to work enough to be of any genuine use to them.

As a situation: This could be situation where someone needs to reign in their emotions and step up to their responsibilities, rather than being too emotional to take control. There is not a lot of good that can be seen here from getting too emotionally involved in something that doesn’t require it.This isn’t a case of being a robot, but having an intellectual view of the situation, rather than an emotional one.

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