Queen of Pentacles/Disks

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: The Queen of Disks is often one of the “homeliest people that you’ll ever meet. If there’s a house with delicious smells wafting out that always seems to have children running around outside it, then you can almost be guaranteed that the house has a Queen of Pentacles living there. This Queen is practical to a fault, often having more than her share of projects going on at any one time.

This is a person that keeps busy, always seeming to be doing something that is going to benefit the people around her, which a lot of people tend to see as her being a “Soft Touch.” This might be true to a point, but only while she feels secure. Once she loses that sense of security, you can almost be certain that whoever threatened it will suffer.

As a situation: Home and a sense of security are being outlined here, along with cash flow. If there is something that the home might need, there’s a good chance that the Queen of Pentacles will bring your attention to it. Home, not only in the sense of where you live, but also in the sense of the place where you allow yourself to feel at peace. When it’s time to turn your attention to creating a home, you can expect this card to come up. From the mundane issues like paying the bills, to the very literal security of creating a haven for yourself and your family.

There is often the chance to heal old wounds done long ago when the Queen of Pentacles shows up. The practicality that this card brings along can show you where the true wounds lie, why the emotions were triggered and ultimately how they can be healed. This is a card that lets you know that the grudge that you’re holding onto is no longer relevant to the world that you live in.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

As a person: The Queen of Pentacles, when reversed, is a person that lives in the illusion of security, rather than face the reality that she has none. She holds onto things longer than she needs to, mainly because the feelings of needing to hold on are from a strong sense of insecurity in her own life. She will often strike people as a “born housewife,” due mainly to the facade of a perfect household. She would rather deceive people about having a perfect household than ever admit to a less than perfect one.

The woman that smothers her children and makes the effort to keep her children as children is usually a Queen of Pentacles that’s been reversed. The trick is to figure out how to help her become an upright Queen before her children are locked into the roles of children, as this can lead them to being victims in later life if not healed.

As a situation: It’s a case of the house and home being thrown into shambles. You’ll find the places that once felt homely are now very much opposite. It’d be a good idea to take a look at the other cards in a spread to see what’s causing the disruption.

If there are many Air cards(such as Swords), it might be a sign that there is a lot of cash issues that are going to hit you close to home and money’s going to be tight for a little. These issues can be worked through, but first the issues need to be addressed properly. Don’t let bullheadedness get the better of you when it may be extremely costly.

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