Queen of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: This is a gentle woman who many would recognise as being one of the most emotional people that they’ve ever met. Both her strong emotions and her incredible imagination are things that she is most commonly recognised as having. Ultimately, she is a dreamer or an artist with an immense talent for creating something extraordinary out of things that most of us would see as mundane. She is also someone that many would swear was psychic due to her emotional sensitivity. Whether she is psychic or simply picks up on more than people realise that they’re saying is usually up to the individual Queen, although sometimes the line can easily be blurred. She attracts people with these qualities and often people find her beautiful, although whether or not it’s her beauty or simply their own reflected is something that people will spend a long time pondering, if they’re perceptive enough to see it.

As a message: Here you might be told to trust your inner self, whether that be emotions, thoughts or just a sense of “something else.” Knowing what is going on in your inner life could be a VERY large factor in creating a more positive life in general. You may need a reminder to trust your instincts, otherwise you may start second-guessing yourself. You know what’s going on, trust in that and you’ll find yourself much more able to deal with the situation.

This could also possibly be a call to express you imagination and create something. Imagination can be a very powerful thing and can be used as a very useful problem solver. When this card appears, it can be a reminder that you shouldn’t let the way that you’ve always done things stop you from creating new ways of doing so.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

As a person: If you know someone that spends waaaaaaaay too much time in their own fantasies and sometimes has a problem telling illusion from reality, then there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a reversed Queen of Cups. While this might be amusing for a while, it can become painful as she slowly draws you into her mixed up world and you find yourself caught up in all kinds of drama that you never saw coming. Whether it be that someone’s out to get her, or she’s finally figured out that she’s the cause of her own problems and she can’t change because it’s all too hard! The drama will be there because she’ll be there. She’s either a drama magnet or a catalyst for bullshit.

As a message: There are issues that keep on popping up because for some reason, you’re not learning from the same dramas over and over.This needs to stop or you’re going to keep on finding yourself in the same place over and over. The key to getting over something when this Queen shows up reversed,  is recognition of emotional states that you need to work through, rather than around.

There’s also the possibility that you’re leading yourself to epiphanies that aren’t epiphanies at all. Rather than having genuine breakthroughs, you’re leading yourself into new directions that are only distracting you away from the real issue. The reversed Queen of Cups is a mistress of self delusion. Recognising where you need to go is the second part of getting better. The first part is admitting that there’s something wrong. This reversed Queen won’t do that as to admit that there’s something wrong means that there’s something that needs to change. Change is the enemy of this queen. The only problem is that it’s usually also her salvation. Poor lass.

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