Prince/Knight of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a Person: Have you ever met someone with a brain who seems to have figured everything out while everyone else is still counting on their fingers how much of what? If you have, then there’s a chance that this person may be a Prince of Wands. The Prince’s brain works extremely fast, often giving him the answer he’s looking for quickly so that he can act on it. The issue isn’t the speed with which he comes to his conclusions, but whether or not the conclusions that this prince has come to are the right ones.

If there is one person that is likely to act before having all of the information, it’s this prince. That being said, if there is one person that is likely to act for what they understand to be the good of all concerned in a situation, it’s also this Prince. He doesn’t like people suffering and would, if he can, be the person that liberates them from it, due to nothing more than a need to see justice in action.

As a situation: In a movie, the Prince of Wands would be that fateful decision that leads to the climax. It’s the choice that leads to events either taking off or not doing so and the results either way. In all truth though, it’s usually the choice to act rather than not that this Prince represents. With the Prince of Wands appearing, it’s a sign that yes, things need to be put into motion, so make the choice to do so and then start doing something! This is a card that wants things moved along as fast as possible, so that things can be wrapped up and the next adventure can begin. This card is about getting as many beginnings as possible underway so that there are many more choices for later.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

As A Person: The reversed Prince of Wands simply does not give a damn who gets hurt when he decides to do something and it doesn’t go as planned. The restlessness and need to be doing something takes over and carelessness follows, sometimes with painful results. Not the kind of person you want in charge.

When the Prince decides that it’s necessary, he can be an extremely good liar with the ability to elaborate on details to make him sound more convincing, especially when there’s something that he REALLY wants on the line. Whether guilt is felt depends on how well this Prince manages to justify himself, although when there’s remorse, it can be intense.

Sometimes the Prince of Wands isn’t thinking a hundred miles an hour. Sometimes he’s slowing himself down so that he can be understood. For a Prince of Wands, this can be anything from slightly frustrating to emotionally draining and sometimes even dangerous to the emotional wellbeing of this Prince.

As a situation: From the most basic perspective, the question is simple. Things need to be moving and yet they aren’t. Why not? The fuel to get projects started is there but for some reason things aren’t happening and somebody needs to step up to make the initial push. Things don’t happen by themselves and with a reversed Prince of Wands it may be a case of too much thought going into something and not enough actual action. It’s time to get things actually happening, rather than overthinking the possible outcomes.

Alternatively, there are times when things are happening but the energy is being spent in the wrong direction. It’s probably a good time to reign it in and look at where you’re really wanting to go.

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