Prince/Knight of Disks

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: Make no mistake, this is a person that makes an effort when they do something. The effort doesn’t always have a great outcome, but the effort is there. This person is a doer, preferring to leave the thinking to people that are better at it, although when a thinker speaks, this Prince will definitely listen and take in as much as they can. This is a person that prefers solidarity in what they do and as a result of that, they are among the most trustworthy people that you will ever hope to meet. This Prince is a loyal person to the core, with a lot of love for the people that earn his friendship. All that is asked is the same loyalty that he shows. If you are able to provide that, then not only have you earned the friondship of a loyal person, but you should also be proud of your own loyalty.

This Prince is the person to call if you need someone that is methodical, but surprisingly, can change from one method to another with ease. They are usually shown to be capable managers or trustworthy workers, giving more than is expected and providing more than is asked. They aren’t the fastest workers in the world, but they rank highly among the hardest.

As a message: The message here is pretty simple. The road ahead relies on consistent effort. It’s not a case of of the road being a hard one to walk, but it will require commitment to a goal and to getting things done. There may or may not be trials ahead, but these shouldn’t get in the way of getting things done. Wherever you are deciding to focus your effort at this point, rest assured that it is the correct choice at the moment. Follow through and you can’t go wrong in your endeavours.

If this card comes up in regards to business, then the people that you are dealing with are trustworthy and will put in the hard yards to ensure that things reach where they need to be. There is a definite goal to be reached with things and it’s going to take integrity to get there.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

As a person: When this prince is reversed, then nothing is too hard for this prince. What I mean is that everything is so much effort that even simply doing nothing is too much. This sounds horrible, but due to being cut off from their natural energy, this manifests as laziness and often apathy as well.

There is often the possibility that this Prince might be less than trustworthy in his dealings with people. Often, I’ve noticed that if  I mention that I think that this is a possibility, a querent will perk up and nod. They often have someone in mind and will throw a name at me almost immediately. This person isn’t by nature untrustworthy, but there is usually something unresolved with them that makes them less than glib with the truth. Once this is sorted out, though, they will often right themselves.

As a message: There might be the urge to deal with things in a less than totally honest and forthright fashion. Having this card reversed means that doing so will lead to  what can only be called a clusterfuck down the line. Dealing not only honestly, but brutally so is the only way to get things moving longterm in most things, but it is being highlighted here because it might seem easy to get away with it.

There might be a project where energy is being directed into the wrong aspect, making the entire project unbalanced. It’s entirely possible that this has gone unnoticed for a long time and as a result, things aren’t moving forward. Don’t stress, just take a step back and look at where all the effort is going. From there, it should be easy enough to see where the weaknesses are and how to strengthen them.

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