Prince/Knight of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified

As a person: Of all of the tarot court cards, as well as the Major Arcana, if you were looking for the “knight in shining armour” presented in fairy tales, this particular prince would be it. The Prince of Cups is the emotionally driven character that heads off to rescue the princess or whatever great task needs doing. He’s an idealist and doesn’t give up easily on things and especially not on people. Once he dedicates himself to a cause, he’ll follow it to the end, sweet or bitter.

This Prince is a dreamer, who often dreams big, but will seldom act on his dreams unless he’s either pushed or can make the connection between what he knows to be right and what he dreams of. It can be difficult, but he has the potential to go far as long as he makes the effort to keep why he’s doing something close in his thoughts and in his emotions.

As a situation: ¬†Every so often there will come a time when thinking something through has driven you a little mad with no solution in sight. It might be time to look at how you’re honestly feeling about what’s going on. In this particular occasion, your thoughts have gotten you to a point that may feel like you’re in a cul-de-sac, delivering you to a point where all you can do is reverse and hope for the best. The alternative is to look at how your emotions are affecting your thoughts and use this new information to make a more useful decision.

Every so often you’ll find yourself in a situation where your head, the one processing all off the facts is leaning you in one direction, while your heart is trying to pull you in another. In this instance, if the head is able to be stopped in it’s tracks by your emotional state, it’s time to start listening to what the heart has to say on things.

Reversed/Ill Dignified

As a person: In the reversed Prince of Cups, we have a manipulative bastard. There is no simpler way of putting this. The reversed Prince of Cups is able to spot a person’s emotional weak points and play to them to get what he wants, whatever that may be. He can play the weak person when it gets him the attention that he wants, or the hero when there’s a reward that suits him. The reversed Prince’s nature is fluid in that it becomes what it needs to, but tends to poison all around him in the process. He generally can’t be trusted with anything of consequence unless it’s in his own interests to behave in a way that will ensure success for everybody.

As a situation: When the reversed Prince of Cups makes this kind of appearance, there’s a good chance that you’re being scammed out of something. Whether that means time, energy, love or whatever, you are almost definitely being used. Somebody is playing to your blind spots and hoping that you won’t noticed, but it’s affecting you in ways that nobody would expect. It might be time to look at what’s been going on in your life recently and see who’s been having an impact in which aspects of your life. There’s probably been a few unnecessary conflicts in your life recently that can be traced back to one individual that has either recently entered your life, or seems to have changed in a rather large way. It may be the time to recognise the more toxic of your friendships for what they are and cut some people loose before they hurt you further.

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