Prince/Knight of Swords

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: Have you ever met somebody that can’t stop their mind from jumping from one thing to another? That is one of the biggest signs of a Prince of Swords. This is a mentally agile person who knows  what they want and how to get it, as long as they can keep themselves focused long enough to make it happen. These Prince have the possibility of being great storytellers if they learn the art of bringing multiple threads into the one conclusion. They can do this easily with discipline. Unfortunately, it’s the lack of discipline that will let many of these Princes down.

This is a naturally creative person who also has a habit of being rather intuitive (As a side note, you probably shouldn’t watch movies with these Princes unless you don’t mind them talking through the whole thing or accurately guessing the ending about ten minutes in!). If there is a person that knows where you left your keys, it’s likely to be these Princes as they can easily figure out where you’re most likely to have left them. They won’t know how they know, but they’re good at finding things using logic that they don’t even consciously understand.

As a message: The message here is one of mental discipline being paramount for getting anywhere. The problem is that at this point, this discipline is unlikely to occur as there is so much else that you can see happening and want to be a part of.  The keyword is focus. There might be things happening, but you know where you need to put your mental and strategic efforts.

Reversed/Ill Dignified:

As a person: This is a person who is pretty much unsatisfied with everything. Chances to explore any new thing will pass this person by simply because they’ve spent too long trying to figure how they’re going to go about something.  While this is something that a lot of people do occasionally, it has become almost a lifestyle for this person. Their lack of action on any opportunity has created a cage for them, which unless they show some discipline and follow through on their ideas, will engulf them completely.

There is also the possibility that this Prince  has discipline, but is being misdirected in it’s use. Ideas that  are no longer working for them might be forcing them to push an issue that may not need to be pushed.

As a message: The big message here is that an opportunity has been missed due to sitting around and contemplating the pluses and minuses of it, rather than recognising it for what it really was. This is very much a “Can’t see the forest through the trees” situation that is going to keep on happening unless you take a chance every once in a while.

Another possibility is that if you don’t do something constructive with all of that mental energy, you’re possibly going to find yourself in a place where even if you might be on the right track, you’ll be too caught up in your own mind to act on it. This can be a frustrating place to be, especially since it knows exactly how to keep you there.

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