Page/Princess of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified

As a person: The Page of Cups is, frankly, a dreamer, but one that has their dreams based in the here and now, rather than some “happily ever after” although this is one person that might achieve that simply due to their passion. This person can be a lover or a fighter, depending on where their passion lies, so watch them. They’re also creative to a fault, which can be breathtaking if they’re allowed to explore their particular form of artistry. The Page is the type of person that most would call a dreamer, which is a great description of this Page. The dreamer who may or may not ever actually fulfill any of his dreams as to him, the dream itself has the potential to be more than the fulfillment.

As a situation: This card lets you in on an opportunity that you are going to notice, even if you end up empty handed, will still fulfill you in a way that neither you or anyone else expected. There is the opportunity to meet a group of people that are going to connect with you on a very deep level. Emotional waters will run deep and strong connections will be apparent from day one, so don’t let yourself get too caught up in things, as this could be stopping you from doing what you joined this group to do.

Ill dignified/Reversed

As a person: A person who has forgotten how to act because their dream has engulfed them. Maybe the dream that this person is living in is better than reality at the moment, but a person can’t hide in dreams forever. Maybe this person isn’t capable of handling the situation at hand, or perhaps fully able but unwilling. On the other hand, it could be that the creativity of this person is being stifled by something, be it work commitments, emotional situations or family issues. The creativity needs to be let out in a constructive manner, or this person is going to find ways that are a lot more harmful. They are selfish, although this selfishness isn’t a character trait, but a way to protect the gentler aspects of their personality.

As a situation: This is usually a sign to pull your head out of the clouds and get to work. The road is only going to be clear if you get your emotional clutter sorted out and find a way to move on from the current situation. Don’t let your imagination get the better of you, as this is only fuelling your issues, not helping you to overcome them.

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