Knight/King of Wands

Upright/Well Dignified

As a person:
The Knight of Wands is one of the most fiery individuals that you’ll ever meet. To describe this person as passionate is an understatement and ultimately does him an injustice. There is a lot of ambition and if given the right tools, this person could change the world with their ideas. The Knight of Wands have an inherent drive to get things done and an insatiable thirst for experiencing all that the world can offer them.

This Knight has a habit of being direct in their speech, not because they can’t think of any other way of putting it, but simply because, if they meant it any other way, they would have put it that way. They don’t mean to offend but say exactly what they mean and don’t particularly care how people take what they say. If there’s ambiguity in a statement, they’ll clear it up, but they don’t mince words with people without a good reason. They often have an agenda for most of the things that they do, but hurting people isn’t often on it. That’s usually seen as a waste of time.

As a situation: If ever there was a need to just continue without slowing down, this would be it. A big part of the Knight of Wands is that it knows where it needs to go and isn’t afraid to head down that path. As with any other venture, there’s gonna be obstacles, but the Knight of Wands uses them as just “more fuel for the fire,” the things that serve to make you stronger, provided they don’t kill you, of course. The Knight of Wands shows that there will be a need for determination, passion and in many cases, sheer balls to get things done the way that they need to be.

Reversed/Ill dignified

As a person: When this Knight is reversed, a lot of the traits as the upright Knights are  still there, but in differing degrees. There are often points where the reversed Knight of Wands is even more driven than the upright Knight, but the reversed Knight is more than happy to crap all over the people that help him get to where he is. When a Knight is driven by ambition and nothing else, he will find himself making many enemies of exactly the people that he needs to reach his full potential. This kind of self sabotage is common.

There is also the possibility there that the Knight has the direction, but no motivation to get there. This can happen for any number of reasons but there are times when the Knight feels disconnected to his true passions and might need a reminder of what gets himself going in the morning. This kind of disconnection can be disastrous for Knight of Wands as a large part of their personality can be defined by their ambitions.

As a situation: There are two main causes for a reversal. The first is a lack of direction that is causing a total overload of energy. As a result things might end up heating up more than they should and cause unnecessary destruction that could have been avoided by a little planning. Direction is the key here. All Knights mark the need for something to be done, but a Wands Knight is the Knight that needs direction most of all.

The second reason is a Knight of Wands that has direction.

The wrong one.

There are times when it might be prudent to look at the direction that you’re currently headed and ask yourself whether it’s truly the direction that you need to go. Need and want are often quite far apart and the Knight of Wands, when reversed, will often err on the side of ¬†“WANT IT! NOW!” without much thought of anything else at all.

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  1. Christin
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    Thank you thank you thank you. I got a Knight of Wands Reversed and I just couldn’t make any sense of it, w/ regard to the question, until I read your second interpretation (rushing out into the wrong direction).

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