Knight/King of Swords


As a person: There are few sharper and more mentally on the ball than the King of Swords. He’s often a witty person whose sense of humour takes many by surprise with its often dry quality. This king is best suited to situations where keen observation of a situation is needed to ensure that things run smoothly. If there’s a potential problem, this knight will ride in and tell you in no uncertain terms that there could be issues. This king does not mince words when he needs to communicate something, nor will he do so if the only reason why he might need to is to save someone’s feelings. He may recognise and use tact, but these are not his weapons of choice.

As a Situation: There are two primary meanings when the Knight/King of Swords shows up as a situation. The first and foremost is that you are going to need your wits about you if you are going to recognise what’s going on. This might very well drive you mad if you are being told one thing and it seems that another is occurring. The point here, when this King shows up, is that you have a good idea of what’s going on but might not be able to do much about it because seeing things for what they are and interaccting with them aren’t always the same thing.

The second situation revolves around the receiving of information regarding a situation that’s been driving you around the bend a little. It will be a small nugget of info that will trigger an ‘aha’ moment and you’ll find yourself in a better position to act on what you’ve learned. Whether this is the first situation outlined or the second can usually be gleaned by the surrounding cards. Another knight or Page would usually point to the first, while the second will often be shown by an abundance of Wands cards or other fire cards.


As a Person: When the King of Swords is reversed, you have a perfect example of a wasted intellect. The reversed King of Swords spends a lot of time acting smarter than they actually allow themselves to be. This will often be the type of person that assures you that a particular plan of attack for a project will work, without ever telling you how the plan works or even what the plan is. This person can be extremely absent-minded but often too driven to realise that they might not know where their efforts are taking them.

When representing a person, this card can right itself with a little bit of reflection on the true motives for doing things. The Knight of Swords doesn’t like to swing blindly, often recognising his mistakes if made aware of them and will usually right them if able.

As a Situation: If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where nobody’s actually sure what everyone is actually meant to be doing, then you’ve experienced the King of Swords reversed. This King can cause chaos through multiple lines of information telling people multiple different things that may all very well be correct, but unable to be correlated with the other information. Misinformation that is being acted on by people is why this card can be one of the most frustrating cards to be reversed. A sense of direction needs to be re-established before everybody finds themselves in messes that they can’t find their way out of…

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