Knight/King of Pentacles/Disks

Upright/Well Dignified

As a person: If you’re wanting to know who to talk to in regards to a financial issue, there’s a good chance that the person with the best advice would be the King of Pentacles. He is one of those people that inherently knows how money works and how to make it work for himself and others as well. It’s not that he’s a businessman as much as someone that just inherently knows how money works in a specific situation. The best part of this is that while the King of Pentacles knows how money works, he’s not ruled by it.

He’s also a person with more common sense than most and a practical streak that is often unrivalled. He has an inherent sense of what needs to be done because to him, it’s obvious. This can sometimes be an annoyance who would prefer their surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing as opposed to “efficient” but these types of people are useful to have around in order to get things done.

As a situation: The situation is almost definitely either financial or security based in origin and there’s a good chance that there needs to be some solid work done. The King of Pentacles tells you that things need to be begun at the base level and worked upward from there, rather than looking at the ideal and trying to start from the top downward.

When the question is financial in nature, there is often the strong hint to see a banker or financial adviser (although if a question is financial in nature, why aren’t you already doing this anyway?). The advice given will be useful and be profitable if put into use, but first you need to find the right adviser…

Reversed/Ill dignified

As a person: With all of the positive aspects of the King of Pentacles, there is a point where the fascination with cash can become simply too much and end up ruling the King. When the King is reversed, he has well and truly reached that point and gone passed it, possibly stopping to look for change near it. There is a good chance that while the King has enough, he might not realise it and fixate on the idea that he needs more, often stopping on friendships and relationships because he’s lost sight of values that aren’t linked to cash.

There’s also the possibility that there is a certain amount of self delusion about a person’s financial situation. There’s a good chance that someone is hiding behind the “Money isn’t really all that important” line not because it isn’t, but because they don’t have enough of it. This can be a hint that this person needs to open their eyes and actually look at their finances.

As a situation: This is the point where you need to get some better advice than the person that you’re currently¬† talking to about the cash side of things, as the advice that you’re getting right now might not be working as well as you think it is. What might have worked once isn’t necessarily going to work forever.

There’s also the idea that the security that you’ve placed in things is about to be majorly challenged. Don’t be hugely surprised if there ends up being something that makes you feel a lot less sure of things in general than you normally are. On occasion, this can even be a warning to buy a security system or some sort of home protection device, although things like this are usually given context with other cards in a reading.

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