Knight/King of Cups

Upright/Well Dignified:

As a person: From an emotional viewpoint, this is a very powerful person. For those that looks closely, it would seem like this is a person that gets things done through sheer force of will, although this isn’t entirely true. Their desires and their drive is usually emotional. To them, it often feels like they are emotionally bound to completing whatever task they are currently working on as if the task itself defines them.

This knight is a bastard at times as he knows how to manipulate people. Whether he actively does this or not is entirely up to the individual, but this is a talent that he naturally has due to his understanding of people’s emotional states. With knowing the emotional states of people as naturally as he does often brings with it a strong compassionate nature. When people are in pain, he usually wants to know why and how to make the pain stop.

As a message: This card turning up can be a hint that perhaps it’s time to look at why certain things drive you. There can be a strong nudge to look at why certain things make you feel certain ways. While an emotional high can be a good thing on occasion, if there is no reason for something besides the comfort that it brings, it may not be too reliable to depend on long-term.

This card can also be nudging you in the direction of not ignoring what your emotions already know. There is a time for being objective and a time for throwing objectivity out the window. This would be the latter of the two. Trying to be objective is only going to prepare you mentally for something. Understanding something from an emotional level can provide an entirely different viewpoint and equip you with an entirely different toolkit for managing the situation.

Reversed/Ill dignified:

As a person: Like the upright Knight of Cups, this person knows how to manipulate people. The difference here is that the ill dignified Knight will make it less a last possible solution and more a lifestyle. This person may have been emotionally wounded in the past and as a result, uses emotional manipulation to get what he wants, which still won’t satisfy him. This isn’t done spitefully, but as an act of fuar. If other’s can’t truly grasp who he is, he can’t be hurt again.

This knight has let his emotions rule him to the point where there is little that he can do to see that he is his own victim. Instead of acting on his desires, trying to understand where they are truly coming from would probably help this knight greatly.

As a message: Your emotions might be driving you in entirely the wrong direction.  In the case of fear, it might be a case of trying to block out fear rather than face it, which pretty much never works. Instead of trying to run from your fear, look at what it truly represents.

The same can (and in many places should) be said of desire. Desire and fear both end up having a cause that should be understood before acting on either. Both of these things can be very primal and sometimes overwhelming, which isn’t a bad thing in itself. It becomes a problem when choosing a lack of understanding becomes a way of life. Willful ignorance for the sake of keeping yourself safe emotionally won’t serve you in any useful way, except to keep you in the dark and away from experiences that might lead you to personal growth.

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