The Hanged Man

  Upright/Well Dignified: The Hanged Man is that moment before transition. You can’t move forward, nor back. There is no true direction for you at the moment so all you can do is observe the world around you and learn about it, or you can focus inward and learn about yourself. Introspection before moving on […]

The Chariot

Upright/Well Dignified: Victory through hard work is one of the key points of this card. When the entirety of a person’s effort is focused on one point, having the Chariot show up means that whatever endeavour that you’re undertaking is going to be a successful one. Yay! It is very much about goal orientation and […]

The Priestess/High Priestess

Upright/Well Dignified: This is the card that pulls you into a whole new way of looking at things. It’s not that you’ll be seeing things differently, but more completely. The High Priestess is a card of knowledge that is there for anybody, as long as they’re able to look… Sounds mysterious? That’s the High Priestess […]

The Universe/World

Well Dignified/Upright: At the centre of everything, once the dust has settled and all is said and done, there is where you’ll find the World. On many World/Universe cards, you’ll find the main focus of the card surrounded by representations of the four elements. These four elements have been fully experienced, revealing your true nature […]

The Devil

  Upright: Well dignified: There’s a line from a Rage Against the Machine song that sums up the Devil card pretty damned accurately. The line goes: “Yeah, I dwell in Hell, but it’s a Hell that I can grip.” In many respects, the Devil isn’t what stands in our way, but what we allow to […]

The Aeon/Judgment

Upright/Well dignified: In a lot of senses, this card can be seen as “the morning after” and figuring out where to go from here, as many things might be coming to a close as other things open, similar to the Death card.  The difference is that here, the change is not only permanent, but also […]


Upright/Well Dignified: This is definitely a powerful card. This card is often about your animal passions and about sodding well using them. Now folks, don’t misunderstand me about this one. This card can refer to getting your rocks off, but more often it’s about focusing that inner drive, rather than letting it drive you into […]

The Magus/Magician

Upright/Well dignified: The Magus is all about having skill, as well as the self confidence to put it to use. He’s the person that not only can make things happen with the tools at his disposal, but also understands the how as well as the what . When this card shows up in a reading, […]

The Lovers

Upright/Well dignified: When the Lovers turns up in a reading about relationships, then it’s a pretty solid guess that you probably already know at least part of the story in regards to what the interpretation is. The Lovers is generally a good sign if you’re wanting to be in a relationship with someone. It isn’t […]

The Star

Upright/Well dignified: The Star and Temperance have a common theme in that they both come after, to put it bluntly, the shit has hit the fan. Where Temperance has a controlled response to the calm after the storm, the Star talks about true freedom after the Tower has been destroyed and energy is free to […]